Road Trip USA ex LA 27th sept 2017


Hi Im booked to do 27th sept USA road trip ex la. Anyone else going on these ones? There’s a couple of us going from Sydney

anyone else going on this trip?


Hi! I’ve just recently booked this trip. I’m heading there from Melbourne.



How exciting! Are you flying over earlier or just the day before ? There’s around 3 of us going from Sydney! :slight_smile: we should all arrange to meet before the tour starts :slight_smile: how exciting is this!


I’ve just booked this trip, i’m from Sunshine Coast :slight_smile: I arrive the day before, early in the morning!


How exciting! Welcome
We arrive also the morning before the tour starts but we leave from Sydney but :slight_smile:


Hi everyone,

I’m Kate - I’m one of the girls travelling with Sheree - are either of you planning on staying longer in NYC at the end?


im flying out of sydney too, as i did the free flights deal and thats where they leave from, im staying in nyc or la until the 26th my flight leaves from la


awesome and are you flying back from new York when the tour finishes? as arranged by top deck? :smile:


i havent got a flight from nyc to la yet as there quite cheap and im not sure what im doing, i could only fly home from la with the free flights


Hey there everyone, I’ve booked this trip as well, heading out from Sydney and arriving the day before the trip. Also going to stay an extra 4 nights in NYC after the trip. First time travelling to USA and I’m going SOLO!!! Would be good to meet up before the trip!


That’s great holly, nice to meet you! we would love to meet you before the trip
My friend kate is also staying longer in New York so that’s great you guys could tour together in New York :slight_smile:


Great sounds fantastic! :blush: This is all so exciting!


I know yay! this is my first big trip over to LA so very exciting! Theres 2 friends of mine coming too so super excited!


What flight are you getting to LA? ill be there early in the morning the day before


Yeah same, I get to LAX at around 7am on the 26th


Hi ladies,

I’m staying in Nyc until the 29th, haven’t yet decided where to stay… Nyc has always been the dream for me, so if you guys are staying around would be good to have some company.

Would love to meet up before we all leave just so we know some people when we get there.

Have you guys travelled much before. I did contiki on my own 10 years ago and I loved it but I’m looking forward to hacing a couple of friends on this trip too.

I’ve never been to the us so this is all going to be so new!


Hi Ladies,
Thinking of doing this same trip also as Ive been given a few options & this one looks good.
Will be flying out from Sydney & also looking to possibly stay a few extra nights in New York at the end- all SOLO yikes!
I am worried about my age though- just wondering without trying to pry what ages some of you ladies are please? - Only if you’re willing to disclose of course haha!


My friend and I are both arriving the day before and meeting at the hotel before doing a little LA exploring. It’d be awesome to meet up before the tour starts. We could all grab dinner or something. I hear there are some good places to eat nearby :slight_smile:


Hi tash
Nice to meet you. I’m staying 2 extra days in New York after trip
We range from 26-34 :slight_smile:
How exciting! Will be a great trip x


Yeah definitely that would be great! WE also arrive the morning before the tour starts in LA definitely would be good to meet up before for dinner or something x