Road Trip USA ex. LA 27 November 2018


Hi Everyone,
Is there anyone who is booked on the Road Trip USA tour departing Los Angeles 27 November 2018? My husband and I are travelling together, but thought weโ€™d get to know some of you before the trip! :slight_smile:
We are so excited!
Kym :slight_smile:


Hi Kym!
My Husband to be and myself are booked in for Road Trip USA departing LA on 27th Nov too for our honeymoon!
We are so excited too!!
Where do you live? we are from South Australia
Look forward to meeting you!


Hi Jess,
YAY! We have another couple!! :slight_smile: I was getting worried as no one was writing back on here! How stunning that this is for your honeymoon! When do you get married? Congratulations in advance!! We live in Sydney, though my husbands family also live in SA - Adelaide! Look forward to meeting you too! Whats your FB? Maybe we can add each other and connect on there too?
Kym x


We get married on 27th oct- and head to USA on 20th Nov we have a few days in San Fran and then LA before starting top deck tour.

My Facebook is Jess Collins profile picture is my partner and I at footy with crows scarf on :smile: we can chat on facebook :smile:


I canโ€™t seem to find you! lol! Could you look me up maybe? Kym Ehlers - and I have a beanie on in my photo!


Hi Kym & Jess

I am solo on this trip. I live in South Australia



Hi Amy,
Great to hear from you!
Where abouts in SA are you from?
Feel free to add me on facebook!


Hey Jess

I am in Adelaide. Sure I will have a look for you!

I fly over to LA on the 22 November