Road Trip USA ex LA 18 October


Anyone else doing this tour? This is my first overseas trip, and on my own. I’m hoping 27 days isn’t too long, or that I’ll be having too much fun to notice!


Hey! Im booked in on this one, pretty keen!


Hey! So I’m trying to decide on whether or not I go to Disneyland? I don’t know if it’s worth using a whole day up! Anyone else on here been thinking the same?


Yeah I have heard from a friend that went to another Disney land that it wasn’t that great! I really want to go to gatorland in Orlando so I was thinking of that as an option on my free day!


What’s gatorland? I haven’t hear of that. Pretty keen on doing Harry Potter in Orlando.
LA is hard cause I’ve only got a couple of days there before the tour starts.


It’s just a gator park where you can go and feed them and see them and stuff, I love reptiles and follow them on Facebook and would love to go if I had the chance (even though I think it would be very similar to any other croc/gator park).
I wonder what the time frame would be for travel between Disney and Harry Potter World?


Oh ok, that sounds cool.
Thats what I’m struggling with, the times to get anywhere. I try not to get to excited for too much incase I don’t have time to do it all!


Im thinking about doing this trip! Will be my first overseas trip also. :slight_smile:

Im trying to work out how much spending money i will need to bring, does anyone have any ideas?


Hi :slight_smile:
I usually budget to do all optionals and about $80-$100 a day in food/souvenirs. I know this sounds like a lot but I always like to have more than not enough. You’ll find some days where you hardly spend anything (travel days) and others days where you spend a bit more.
Hope this helps a little :slight_smile: spending money is always hard to figure out!


Same here, I definitely want to have more spending money rather than not enough!

I’m glad you’re considering this for your first overseas trip - this is my first overseas trip and I was worried such a long trip on my own was being a bit too ambitious. I hope there are a few other first time travellers on the tour with me so I don’t feel so out of my depth! :grinning:


I’m also traveling on my own booked like 2 days ago should be really fun so excited :slight_smile: