ROAD TRIP USA Departing July 7th 2016 ex LA


Hi :slight_smile: solo traveller going on roadtrip usa on july 7th deparding LA. Would be awesome to meet some people before the trip starts!


Damn I just saw your post and thought u were on the same trip but its a month later! Doh!!


Hey! I’m a solo traveller as well and I’m pretty keen on doing this exact road trip! Let me know :smiley:


My friend and i will be doing this trip too!


Sorry guy, just saw your replies! Add me on facebook if you’re doing this trip, Monica Louise from Adelaide, profile pic of me on grass :smiley: it would be really cool to talk to you before the trip!


Hey hows everyone does anyone know how many people are book for this trip ?


Hey guys, I’ve just booked this trip! Am from Perth and travelling solo, so I’m nervous but excited :smile:


Hey everyone, I am also a solo traveller from Perth coming on this tour. I arrive in LA on the 4th of July and would love to meet up with people before the tour starts :slight_smile:


Hey what made u choice top deck over contiki?


Hey Gemma?
Another Perth recruit, awesome!
I’ll be in Vegas from Monday 4th July also as I’m meeting a few girls there before tour starts. Plus I’m planning on doing a few days in San Fran before Vegas… Haven’t booked anything as yet though… You starting off in Vegas?


Hey Kate will be spending the few days before the trip starts in LA. Look forward to meeting everyone!


Dont be nervous Kate :smile: Your mate Cheryl will protect you !!! How exciting !!!

Another Perth solo traveller ! See you there !


Haha can’t believe you booked!! It’s going to be epic :v:


Don’t know if you guys are aware, but there is a Topdeck app you can download and quote your reference number once you’ve booked the trip. It gives you heaps of info and has a chat function for everyone that is going on tour!


Hey Guys! OP posting here! Please add me on Facebook, Monica Louise from Adelaide Australia. I am arriving in LA on the 3rd of July and staying at Hollywood Hostel. Then after the tour ends I am staying in New York until 4th of August. Would love to chat with you guys before we leave! And maybe even meet up in LA before the trip! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Thanks for that! Downloading now :slight_smile:


Hey Kate! Whats your facebook? I’m so excited and nervous! It’s coming up so quickly


Hey guys - i keep finding loads more people booked on the same trip i am!! Me and my friend are both booked onto the LA - NYC trip and we also have a few days in LA before the trip starts! Looking forward to meeting you all :smile:


Hey, I am about to book this trip. Solo traveller from Brissy :slight_smile:
I’d love to meet people beforehand too :smiley:


Hey Anny! I’m solo traveler from adelaide but i am actually in Queensland atm on holiday until Weds. Maybe we could meet? Haha