Hi guys

I know it’s a bit early but is anyone on this tour!? My sister and I are booking this trip tomorrow night!

-Kadie :grin:


I’m on the one that leaves on the 27th :frowning: would have been awesome if you were on mine!!


hi katie, pretty sure this is joined by us (coast to coast) we leave LA on the 30th from La and get to NY on the 22nd…

we have a FB page if you search for top deck coast to coast, but we are all on the Coast to Coast so far.



Hey Sophia!
I think your trip is slightly different. We both leave LA on the same day and get to NYC on the same say but your tour goes up to Memphis, Chicago etc where as our tour goes down to Miami, Savannah etc. I think my tour makes up two separate tours haha so I’ll meet up with two groups of people. I wonder if our two tours will meet up!!


Ahh Emily! How exciting, you’ll have an amazing time :slight_smile::slight_smile:


I’ll be on this trip!


Hey, I will be on the trip as well. Really excited :slight_smile:


My girlfriend & myself will also be on this trip!
From Tasmania


Hey does anybody Have plans for before/after the tour?


Ahh this is so exciting! Can’t wait to meet you guys. My sister and I are spending a few days in LA before the tour starts then we have a week in New York at the end. What about you?


Hey guys I’ve made a closed group on fb so join if you want and then we can all talk on there :slight_smile: it’s called Topdeck - Road Trip USA! Dec 30 LA :arrow_right: NYC


Hey Kadie,
Ive tried looking for it but cant find it anywhere!
Could you send me the link?

Cheers dylan


There you go! Hopefully it’s right haha


Hey everyone. I’m on this tour as well, I’m so excited! Is anyone else going by themselves?