Road Trip USA April 2017, ex LA


Hey I’m Heather, I’m from Australia and going on my first tour this April!
I’m pretty nervous to go travel alone for the first time.
I would love to find some people going on the same
trip and get to know some people before I leave.


Hey Heather !

I am goind the Road Trip USA leaving 19th April Ex. LA !

From QLD Australia and also my first big overseas trip - looking forward to it!



That’s so exciting, I glad I finally found someone else going, I didn’t think I was going to found anyone before I left.
Are you heading to LA a few days before ?


Yeah we are heading over about a week before and flying into San Fran then driving down to LA and will be there for about 5 days before we leave to do some sight seeing :grinning:


Oh nice ! I’m going on 16th to LA and most likely going to Disneyland for a day or 2. We should try and meet up the day or night before the tour :blush:


I think we might be doing Universal studios in LA also so then when we get to Orlando we can do Disney world there so we dont run out of time! Im so excited its going to be such a great trip!

Yeah definately… We are staying at a different hotel for the first few nights in LA and then the night before we will stay at the hotel the tour leaves from. Would be great to meet up beforehand! :slight_smile:


Oh nice, I want to do Disneyland in case I don’t get to do it in Orlando. I’ve been to Universal in LA before, so if im not too fuss missing out on Orlando.
I’m super keen for it as well, it so close but it’s so far away I’m excited to get back to Vegas !

I’m staying In Anaheim and then staying at hotel few blocks from where we are meeting, since the hotel was booked out :frowning: Definitely should meet up for sure and hopefully we will find some more people too :slight_smile:


This is our first trip to America so we are trying to fit in everything ! haha Travelling with 3 other friends.

Oh really?? Well if its booked out already then yeah we will be staying at Double Tree by Hilton down Town LA for the night before… Which i hope is close by haha We had booked it for the 1 night as a back up and were going to look at the hotel it left from when it was released and possibly changed to that haha

Yeah hopefully ! I was looking to see if there was a facebook group or anything for the trip but can’t see one.


Oh really, you’re going to love it, this will be my fourth time, but first time by myself ! But I’ve only done west coast of America :slight_smile: I’m going to do a few days in NY after the tour and maybe Hawaii.

As far as I know it’s all booked out. Oh really well I’ve book the Double Tree by Hilton for the night before the tour which is only like a 5 minute drive to the hotel we have to meet at.

Yeah I’ve looked too and I couldn’t find anything, I guess when it gets closer some more people might come about.


Wow 4th trip! That is awesome. At least you will have an idea where things are. I’ll probably get lost lol We are in NYC for 3 days after the trip also :grinning: Will be so much to explore before we leave.

Oh awesome, well we could definitely meet up for dinner the night before then, we will be at the same hotel! Glad it’s close to where the trip leaves from! Haha

Yeah I hope so!


I’m still so excited to just explore and see everything!
I’m thinking either 3 or 4 days in New York. Acommdation is just so expensive there haha

Perfect that sounds good :blush: It seemed to be the only decent hotel around there. Everyone must of booked the other hotel straight away!


Yeah i bet! It will be so good.

Haha it sure is! We ended up booking somewhere in Time Square so hopefully it is nice. Ours in between 4 people though so makes it a little cheaper!

I hope its nice. I hate trying to decide what hotel to stay in! I’ll see if i can find you on facebook if you have it so we can chat more before we go :slight_smile:


That so close to everything! It definitely does make it cheaper when there is more people. I think I’m going to do Airbnb but nothing has really popped out yet, so still deciding on accommodation :slight_smile:

I think it will be nice since it’s a chain of Hilton, I think the hotel we are meeting at didn’t look that great.
Same here, I still need to find a decent hotel in LA for the way home, but I’m so picky.
My Facebook is Heather Ingram, it’s got like a double selfie photo :joy: If that makes sense .


Sorry I didn’t see your reply! :joy: I’m terrible. I have just created a Facebook group for our trip cause I couldn’t find one. So will see how many people we can get added to it :grinning: Here’s the link :


It’s ok. Oh perfect! I’ve been chatting to a few people on the Topdeck app, so I’ll send them the link as well :blush:


Sorry sent you a message on your Facebook, didn’t realise it was your and denied your friends request