Road Trip USA 9th June NY

I just wanted to see if anyone else on this forum is doing Road Trip USA beginning in New York on the 9th June? This is my first ever solo trip and I’m away for 9 weeks omg.

Wow traveling solo will be awesome where you can learn many new things by yourself. Go ahead and enjoy your road trip to USA from New York. Happy Journey

Here are some road trip ideas go through and

Hey Hol - I’m thinking of booking this one!! Super nervous though! Have you travelled solo before?

Hey! I know right, it’s going to be so nerve wracking yet so so amazing. Thanks so much!

Hey Abbey! You should definitely do it, it sounds so cool and I’m really looking forward to it! (although terrified at the same time eeek) This is my first ever solo trip, which is the component making me the most nervous but I’m (mostly) sure it will be worth it.

Hey @Hol & @abbeyrose
Going solo on Top deck is awesome…you wont regret it! :slight_smile:

90% of my USA tour last august were solo travellers and quite a few 1st timers too.
The nerves will quickly disappear and you will make some awesome new friends.

I booked it last night! Eeeep super nervous but super keen! Where are you coming from :slight_smile: ?

That’s so good to know! There’s always bound to be some solo travellers so it will be great!

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Oh yay!! Are you staying in NY before the tour starts? I’m there from the 5th! I’m 21 and coming from near Sydney, Australia. So excited to meet you! :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks Leah! I just read your post about how you found your American tour and got some great tips out of it. Really looking forward to it! :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

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yay! glad it helped :smile:

I’m not too sure yet! I was going to arrive on the 8th but not sure yet! Are you staying at the top deck hotel??
I’m 24 coming from Melbourne :slight_smile: !! Keen

Wow, such an amazing, I like road trip.

Oooh exciting! I’m arriving on the 5th and I’m not staying at the Topdeck hotel because it was over $1100 for the 4 nights, so I found one for less than $400 and it’s only an 18 minute walk away. I love Melbourne! I’m 21 and coming from Newcastle (2 hours from Sydney) :grinning::star_struck:

I’m thinking of booking this one!!. Thanks

You should definitely join! It will be great :grinning:

Hey holly! I’m booked on this trip next year! Is there a way I could message you about your trip and ask a few questions? :slight_smile: