Road Trip USA 31st July (ex NYC)


solo traveller from England on the Road Trip USA starting 31st July 2016 ex NYC.
Anyone else booked or planning on this trip?



My partner and I will be on the Southern Charm Topdeck that departs from NYC on the 31st July. We are a couple from Australia!! I am so excited. What are your other plans in America?


Hi! So good to finally see someone else on part of this trip, was starting to think i would be doing it on my own haha!
Me too, I can’t wait! Well im actually doing the I Love NYC tour just before so I can spend some time in New York, then after the Road Trip USA im going to visit family friends in South Carolina for a week, and after that heading home!
How about you?


So did we!! I can’t find anyone else at this stage doing this trip!

My partner and I are doing 6 weeks in America beggining in LA then Las Vegas, San Fran, Dallas, New Orleans then making our way to New York for the Southern Charm Top Deck finishing in Miami then to Nashville and heading back up to New York after the topdeck for our final stay!

We are doing majority of the trip by ourselves but thought it would be a good chance to meet people so are doing the Southern Charm Topdeck for a portion of our trip


I’m hoping more people book onto it!
That sounds incredible! I am gutted i am going to have to miss going to San Fran, but cus i had a strict time period that i could go travelling i just couldn’t fit it in.
Yeah thats a good plan, because i am travelling alone i figured it would be the best thing to do to meet people, plus i am super unorganised so its all done for me haha!
Well at least for part of my trip and all of your southern charm trip we know we’ve got each other and we wont be doing it completely alone haha!


Maybe closer to the date more people will start to say they are on this trip! There are 3 trips all connected:

  • American Dream (ex. LA 19th July); and
  • Southern Charm; and
  • Road Trip USA.

So there should be heaps of us :slight_smile:

Once we find a few more people we should start a facebook group :slight_smile:

Have you been to USA before?


Yeah haha im sure more people will book onto it, and i expect there is already loads who just haven’t checked this forum!

Yeah facebook group sounds like a good idea!

Yeah i have, actually revisiting a couple of places as i have already been to DC, Savannah and Orlando before. Then i have also been to Seattle and Alaska!

How about you?


No it is my first time North America so I am super excited!!

Any recommendations with Savannah and DC?

Which theme park will you be going to in Orlando?


Well I only spent the day in Savannah but I loved it! (not just cus my name is Savannah haha) I went on a trolley tour and that was really good, I wanted to do the ghost tour when I was there but we didn’t have time so I definitely want to try and do that this time. DC is amazing I love it there, just the main monuments are great but also the Smithsonian american history museum was really good!

For orlando, I went to pretty much all the parks when I went but the Harry Potter part of Universal Studios hadn’t been built so I think im going to go back there cus I love Harry Potter haha!

Where are you thinking of going in Orlando?


Yeh dylans parents just got home from America and they went to Savannah and loved it!! Yeh I will defs do the slow bike ride and the ghost tour. Dyl and I will just do as many activities as possible.

We love Harry Potter as well so I think we will go to Universal studios as well. Do you know whether we have 1 or 2 days to go to the theme parks? I heard there are two universal studios and we want to try and go to both.


Yeah me too!
I’m pretty sure its only one day in the parks but I could be wrong! Yeah there is two, Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure and I think Harry Potter has parts in both but you can get like a park hopper ticket so you can go to both in the same day, and I’m pretty sure if you get one of those you can go on the Hogwarts Express between the two parks!


Yeh I will be definitely getting a park hopper ticket! I think i read a forum where someone said they get there early enough on the first day (I am assuming from Savannah to Orlando) so that you have basically like a half day plus all the night and then a full day at the parks! but i could be wrong. But if we get the two days I will go to both.


Yeah if we have time I will deffo go both days, hope we do!


Hi! I am also doing this trip :slight_smile:


Hi! So good to find another person! You doing the southern charm part or the whole road trip USA?
Where are you travelling from :slight_smile: ?


I’'m doing the whole road trip! I’m flying from Gatwick :slight_smile:


I’m flying from Gatwick too! On the 28th July to spend a couple of days in NYC before the road trip! What date are you flying? :slight_smile:


I’m flying out on 22nd July as i’m staying with my friend for a week in NY before the tour starts!


Hi, I’m also on this tour! I just booked and I’m a solo traveler from Australia!! :slight_smile:


Hey! So sorry I’ve only just seen this!
Good to meet another person on the trip, when i first posted it took a while for anyone to comment and i thought i would be going on my own!
You spending any time in NYC beforehand?