Road Trip USA 28 July


Hey all, I’m a solo traveller thinking of booking in for the Road Trip USA tour, departing LA on 28 July. Anyone else here thinking of doing the same one? Would love to connect before the tour!


Hi Ashleigh,

I’m booking this one in right now!
I’m travelling from Tassie in Australia :smile:
Travelling solo so would love to chat before the tour!


Awesome! I’m from Melbourne :slight_smile: it would definitely be great to know somebody doing it as well before I head over!


Great! I just ticketed my flights - ah! Have you booked the tour? What dates are you travelling?


I haven’t booked the tour yet - still waiting for my money to transfer out of my savings account (goodbye savings haha). I’ll be flying over on the 25th of July though, so I’ll have a few days to chill before the tour. When are you going?


No worries :slight_smile: I’m waiting for the confirmation to come back tonight. A very last minute change for me as I was originally going to Europe with a friend but she dropped out so I thought… I’ll do the States!! I’ve booked to fly in on the 26th :slight_smile: Will definitely be poor after this trip!


Just booked it! Ahh! So excited!
If you haven’t already booked accommodation for the days before the tour starts, I really recommend the HI Santa Monica. I stayed there last time and it was probably the best hostel I’ve ever stayed at :slight_smile:


It feels so real now haha! I’ll have to have a look :slight_smile: are you staying there? Add me on Facebook if you’ve got it :slight_smile:


It’s going to be so good!
Yeah, that’s where I’ll be staying. Santa Monica is a lot nicer (and safer) than being right in LA and seeing as I’ll be alone, I’d rather be safe!
Ok, I’ve found an Emily Macleod on Facebook from Hobart? Hopefully it’s you haha


Awesome :slight_smile: a lot of the guys at work say to stay there! This is my first time in the states! That’s me! :slight_smile: just accepted!


Great :slight_smile: I was worried I’d just added a random person haha
I’ve only been to LA on my way to Canada in 2013 so I haven’t seen the rest of the country. I’m reading the descriptions of each stop atm and it’s getting me so excited!


Haha nope it’s me! Oh I love doing that before I go away!! I’m such a nervous traveller and get really anxious travelling but this is getting me so excited. I cannot wait to go to Texas :slight_smile: Canada would be awesome!


Oh don’t be nervous! It’s going to be amazing and we’ll have a bus full of other people to help if anything goes wrong :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m really excited for Texas too. And especially New Orleans. Looks so awesome!


Ah! I’m trying not to be haha. I just had a look at the HI Hostel and they’ve only got 8 dorms left. I don’t think I’ll be able to survive jetlag in an 8 dorm! I might book something close by. Do you plan on doing much after the tour in NYC?


Definitely going to the sport games too!


Hi, another solo traveller here. I’m considering doing this tour but haven’t decided 100% what one do do


Hi Carly!
An awesome tour to do if you want a taste of everything :slight_smile: I was looking at doing Coast to Coast but decided against it because I thought the country towns may get a bit boring because of the big drives so chose this one because we’re constantly stopping at different places. Do it!!


Hey Emily, I was also looking at the coast to coast but decided against it as I have done Memphis and Nashville on tours in the past so I am now fairly certain I will be booking this one next weekend!


Do it! :slight_smile: where are you from?


Another Aussie here, from Geelong