Road Trip USA 21st August 2016 (Ex. New York)


Just making this topic to see who else is doing this tour maybe we can chat before the trip, I did a Europe trip last year so pretty excited to now see America! I’m travelling with 2 of my close friends. Look forward to hearing from you :smile:


Hi Holly :slight_smile: i am doing this tour. we should chat :slight_smile: add me on Facebook if you like Tahla Gibbs (im from australia) Look forward to speaking to you.


HEY! Comin on the trip?! Too keen for life!


Heey! I’m hoping on this tour too :blush: I’m working at a summer camp in Minnesota for 9 weeks first then I have like a week to road trip it over to NY to start the tour… I did another American topdeck tour in may last year… can’t wait to get back there it’s amazing!!!


Ahh amazing!! I’m counting down haha so excited :slight_smile: you should add me on a Facebook, we have a chat group, we haven’t really talked much in it so far but I’m sure we will close to the time haha and is cool to see who’s all coming on tour with us :slight_smile:


Hi Guys,

The names Parushka. Looking forward to meeting you all this coming Aug.

Out of curiosity, is anyone heading into NYC early before the tour starts?

Cheers, :smile:


Can’t wait!! Yeap we will be there 3 days before the tour :slight_smile: how about you?


Hi! Yeah I will also be there 3 days in advance. I fly in on the 18th. Just having some trouble finding decent accommodation for those days though. Everything seems a bit pricey. Have you booked your accommodation yet?


Sweet! Yeap we booked it online just at the pre tour accomodation place (Hotel Marrakech) , i didn’t book it through topdeck tho just cause it was like 3x the price of what it was to book it online myself haha


You should add me on facebook if you want, we have a wee group chat of everyone we know so far thats going to be on the tour, we don’t really chat on it but i’m sure we will closer to the time haha. just search Holly Carolyn Heaps


Yeah I looked at Airbnb and the prices were around the same so I just booked the Marrakech through TripAdvisor.

Thanks for the invite on Facebook btw. I sent a request a few days ago.

I did have another question about SIM cards/roaming. Which are you guys going ahead with? And how readily available are SIM cards? I only want data really there’s heaps to choose from and not sure what to go with.

Cheers :smiley:


Cool :slight_smile: I just saw it then and accepted. I’m not sure on that one, I know when I went to the U.K./Europe I just sorted it out when I got there - there was a cellphone shop in the airport I got a sim from, I imagine America should have the same :slight_smile: plus I’d say the hotels all have wifi in them


Thanks for adding me to the chat. Looks like you guys have a good conversation flowing.

Yeah I’ll do more research and then just get a sim at the airport. Wifi will have to do until something is sorted.

Thanks. :blush:


Hi everyone! I’m a solo traveler also doing this trip. I’ll be in NYC for a few days beforehand. Less than a month to go!


Awesome! You should add me on facebook, Holly Carolyn Heaps and i’ll add you to our topdeck chat, maybe the night before everyone could meet up. Not long at all!!


Meeting up before the tour sounds great. Not long now!! 5 days and counting!!!