Road Trip USA 2017


Hi guys!

I know this is kind of a basic question, but I was a little confused… when I click details of the Road Trip USA, it has options “ex. LA” and “ex. NYC.” I’m presuming this means that the trip leaves from different cities, but I was wondering whether the “ex” means that you’ll be leaving from the city or finishing in it? It would make a difference to what trip I choose so I wanted to be sure before I book.

I’m also a solo traveler and I’d be eager to connect with anyone doing the tour during the summer!



Hey Shannon! The ‘ex’ means ‘out of’ but you could think of it as “EXiting from”. So when the tour says ‘ex. LA’ you’ll be starting the tour (leaving from) Los Angeles.

Hope that helps! I’m booked on this tour in June.


Great, that clears things up a lot :wink: Thanks James!


Hi Shannon,
I’m booked on this tour from LA starting 27th September (just outside of Summer) and am travelling solo from Melbourne :slight_smile: