Road Trip USA 2017?


I’m so keen to do this trip? Is anyone else thinking of doing it next year or am I too early??
I would be travelling solo!!


Hey! I’m doing it on the 27th of November this year and it finishes on the 20th of December. Would be awesome to know someone who is going on it!!


Hey I am doing this trip in October from NYC on the 9th, I have read a few reviews which haven’t sounded too good so do some research hopefully top deck has listened to past complaints and improved on them. I am hoping a few people on here will share their concerns they had on their tour or hopefully put some confidence back into what will be a trip of a life time. A lot of people do the group thing so you wont be soloing it in a sense you will fit in with other people, I did Europe last year solo thought I would try the group tour way this time. doing Hawaii and New York before the tour flying over on the 28th September.



I am doing this trip exiting NYC on 26 Feb! looks like its going to be a great tour! What did you end up booking?


Thinking of doing the early January one, will see how I go :blush: