Road trip usa 2016



I know this is super early but I’m planning a trip for next year and am looking at the Road Trip USA in February/March 2016.

Just wondering if anyone has any tips or advice and also if anyone is looking at traveling around the same time, would be good to know a few people as I’ll be traveling on by myself (Which is a first for me).

Thanks!! :slight_smile:



I’m thinking about doing this trip too. I’ll be traveling alone, which I’ve done a couple of times before. I would recommend NOT doing a trip that goes to Vegas in the first few days. That’s why I’m looking at the trip that leaves from NYC in Feb, rather than the one that leaves LA in Jan.

This will be my third time to USA, but first time down south! Can’t wait!



I’ve booked the Road Trip tour leaving from LA on the 31st of Jan in 2016 and I’ll also be travelling alone! Never travelled anywhere by myself before, but I’m super excited (may or may not have a countdown already on my phone!)

People always tell me “BUT ITS WINTER THEN! :o” but I hear that the more southern states don’t get THAT cold so I’d say research what the temps range from so you can pack accordingly? I’ve been to NY and Washington DC in winter and it’s freezing (to say the least) so I’m trying to find some thermals to wear underneath.

Annnyyyywwwaaaayyysss, hope to hear from other folks also doing this trip in 2016 :smiley:


ive booked a tour leaving feb 28th from NYC first time to to states



I’m looking at booking this one in too! I will be travelling by myself which is a first. I am crazy nervous so still trying to convince myself but I’d love to see how many others are travelling alone!


I have booked the Road trip Leaving from NY Feb 28 2016 with my best friend, can not wait, so it looks like we will be on the same tour robburnett. I have not been to the states before! hope it is not too cold then… although it will be warmer when we get to LA. Will be so good!


Hey guys I’m looking on doing mine in July 2016, let me know!!


My friend and I are doing this one on the 7th of July leaving from LA!


I’m also looking into doing mine in July! Bring it on :slight_smile:


Yessssss im counting down the days!!


I’m also doing the roadtrip usa by myself on july 7th 2016 :smiley:


Who’s doing USA Road Trip Departing NYC on 12th June 2016?


I’m booking my Road Trip USA tomorrow for on the 21st August! Myself and 2 other friends! If anyone else is coming on these dates would be awesome to hear form you!


I wish I can go with you , it’s funny. But can’t because I am not live in USA :frowning:

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Is that the one leaving from New York, if so I am on that tour :grinning: Let me know it would be good to know a few people before it starts as I am travelling solo!!


Yeap it is the one leaving from New York! You should add me on facebook Holly Carolyn Heaps. Hopefully in another couple of months we will know a few more people doing the tour :slight_smile: So excited!


Hey Mkaradimos! We’re going on the same trip! Would be awesome to add you on facebook beforehand!


Hey! Okay well you can add me on Facebook! It’s Monique Karadimos, I’m from Melbourne and study at Deakin.


I’m booked for Road Trip USA leaving LA January 31st!
I’m travelling alone as well so let me know if anyone is doing the same!


I’m doing this trip leaving LA on the 7th December… Please guys, let me know how it was… I’m travelling for my first time overseas, and I will be by myself too… Any info you could tell me would be great