Road Trip ex. New York 9th Oct 2016, 24 days to LA


I think Im going to be traveling alone and am doing New York for a few days beforehand and LA for a few days afterwards. I was wondering if anyone else was travelling alone on this trip and planning the same thing so we could do it together ??


Hey Kate I am a loner as well lol… I am arriving in NY on the 5th and doing the road trip USA tour so I will be joining you from New Orleans to LA… I am leaving LA on the 3rd so on the 2nd I have bought a VIP ticket to universal studios in LA on viator. If you want to catch up and do some touring around let me know, I have joined the facebook group so hopefully we can all catch up at some point.


Cool we should catch up in New York then, I’ll be there from the 5th and then going on the tour from the 9th. I’ll also be in LA until the 6th and am keen to do Universal Studios.
Maybe leave a comment on he facebook page so we can message there, that’d be easier!
Look forward to meeting you Lucan :slight_smile:


Hey Kate, I am also going on this trip. Ill be arriving in to NY on the 6th of October and then leaving LA on the 2nd


Awesome! There seems to be a few of us arriving in New York around the 5th and we are trying to catch up while we are there, as a few of us are travelling alone.

If you like, add yourself to the Facebook page created for the trip. We have all been chatting there to get to know each other and organising New York tours, catch ups etc. The Facebook page is:

  • School of Rock 9th Oct 2016 Departure Ex NY. (written exactly like that)

So log on and say hi :slight_smile:


Hey guys!
I’ve just booked and paid for my Road Trip USA trip for October 9, yay!

I’m also getting into NY on October 6, so would love to catch up you guys before the tour starts.
I tried joining the Facebook group but couldn’t find it. Is anyone able to send me a link to it, or add me on Facebook and then invite me, please?

Looking forward to the trip :slight_smile:


Yay! So exciting! Whats your facebook and I’ll ad you cos it is hard to find lol


Otherwise add me - Kate Polly (I have dark hair, tattoos and a dusty pink top on in my profile picture, timeline pic is a hot guy with a neck tattoo haha)


School of Rock 9th Oct 2016 Departure Ex NY


Hey Guys!! I saw the FB page… I just wanted to confirm are you doing Southern Charm? or Road Trip USA? Southern Charm is the first 10 days of Road Trip USA… School of Rock is a completley different trip departing NYC on the same day…

I will be in NYC from 7th of October and am doing Road Trip USA leaving on the 9th! would love to get in contact and see some friendly faces when i arrive…

My Instagram name is Thom.Cat if you would like to get in contact as I dont use FB much anymore


Hey Guys,
I am also doing the Road Trip USA tour solo on the 9th (Southern Charm/Southwest States) and I also get in on the 7th so keen to catch up with anyone before hand and explore.


Thanks for the link, I’ve just joined! Speak soon! :slight_smile:


I think I’ve just added you haha. Otherwise, I’ve just added a random! Hopefully speak soon :slight_smile:


Hi Lucan, I am on instagram Thom.Cat if you want to speak before hand!


hey guys I am doing the southern charm/ road trip to LA. I don’t think anyone has any major plans for the 8th as of yet I know a couple of us are doing a tv/movie tour on the 7th… There is a New York Knicks game on the 8th so if anything else turns up I will let you know… looking forward to meeting everyone not long now


hey just signed up to instagram no idea how to use it crazy technology. So drop me a line or whatever you do lol


Hi-ya! I’m also doing the Road trip! Just requested to join the Facebook group :slight_smile: this is my first tour and also my first holiday alone so I’m a little nervy haha look forward to meeting everyone!!


Don’t worry Anwen there are mostly solo travelers doing this trip so you won’t be alone there and I am sure you will make new friends and have a ball. I see you discovered the Facebook group so will chat soon.:blush:


im thinking of doign that trip if i decide i will be doing a few extra days in la and new york


I am signing up to this last min! and will be going to ny from 5th also. would love to meet some of you beforehand. Is it possible to get a link to join the facebook group?! thanks in advance