Road trip 19th of May 2016


Is anyone going on this tour :smiley: ?


Hi Hannah, yes, I am also booked on this tour. Pretty keen! Not long to go!!
Where are you from?


Hi Andrew ! I’m from Adelaide, South aus what about you :)?


Oh cool, I’m from Melbourne; not too far away really!
Are you travelling by yourself, or with a friend/partner? I’m travelling solo, part of a larger trip around that half of the world. This is my first time to the US, so pretty excited!
Got anything you are looking forward to in particular?


That’s awesome ! It’s our first time too but we are just doing this tour plus a few days in LA and NY. I think I’m most excited for Miami, but we’re pumped for all of it ? What about you ? Im going with my partner ! :slight_smile:


Sounds good!
I think it’s New York for me, such a big place full of so much! But the rest of the places look great too - I’m looking forward to finding a place I hadn’t really known much about, that turns out to be a trip highlight! :+1:t2:
Hopefully some others pop up on here too before the trip starts! Not sure what made me think to check here last night; glad I did, your post seemed a bit lonely haha!


New York should be amazing ! But I’m the same I’m looking forward to being surprised by a place I wasn’t neccesarily interested in beforehand !
I know hoping some more people from this trip join the forum!! :smile:


Hey guys, also doing this tour and traveling solo! Hopefully there’s a few others as the tour says it’s still green. I’m from south Australia also @hannahacc :smile:


Hey @della10! Awesome to hear you’re coming along. Four seats on the bus so far, it’s a good start!!
Anything you are looking forward to in particular?


Hey, anyone in LA already? Want to catch up before the tour begins?

Also, just found this lurking in the forums - cool write up of someone else that did the tour earlier this year. Written for winter and in the opposite direction (with possibly some slight differences) was cool to read and get an idea on what to expect, budget for, etc.