Road to the Windy City August 2017


Is anyone doing the Road to the Windy City departing New York on August 7th?


Hi there!
Yes I am :slight_smile:
Where are you from? Are you travelling solo too?
I’m from Canberra and spending some time in NYC before the tour too!

  • Jacqui


Hey Jacqui,

I’m solo coming from Adelaide :slight_smile:
I’m going to spend a few days in NYC before the tour as well.



Hey Tori,

How exciting!

Our tour is actually made up of two tours - from day 1 - 12, we are on the USA & Canada Adventure - there’s another forum post that someone else has started for that tour which I found on the weekend, you should search for it and post in there too. There are a few female solo travellers which is good news :smile:

And then on day 13 - 15 we meet up with another tour group a few days into their trip and hop off in Chicago. I’m staying an extra two nights there - are you spending any time there afterwards?

I think that the girls from the first tour are keen to meet up in NYC before the tour. Have you booked your accommodation in NYC? I’m yet to even look at any options… will do over the coming weeks/months. :slight_smile:

  • Jacqui


Thanks so much for that Jacqui, I’ll have a look for that post :slight_smile:

I haven’t booked any accommodation in NYC yet but I’ve looked at a few places. I’ll probably try stay around the northern end of Times Square as its good walking distance to things and subway stations.

After Chicago I’m going to fly out to Memphis for a few days then head home :slight_smile:



Hi Ladies!

I am also doing the Tour to the Windy City leaving on the 7th!
Im travelling solo, from New Zealand. Im originally from Christchurch, but have lived in Auckland for the past 5 years.
Im also spending some time in NYC before the tour (6 nights), and some additional time in Chicago post tour as well. Have you looked into accommodation in New York yet? That seems to be the difficult bit at the moment!

Look forward to hearing from you.

Sarah :slight_smile: