Road to Prague 21 July 2017 / Discover Europe 7 July 2017


I just booked this tour for my 2017 summer vacation. So excited! I will be joining in Rome and am flying into Rome on the 20th from Toronto (Canada). I’ve been on other Topdeck tours over the past few years and can’t wait to meet everyone and explore Rome to Prague next summer!!! :slight_smile:


Wondering if anyone else is on this tour?


Hello :slight_smile: I was thinking about taking the Road to Prague tour but i’m kinda worried about the fact that it’s short part of a whole 30 days tour!


I’m actually from Montreal and I would be flying to Rome on the 20th (with a layover to Toronto)


Hey! I have joined a tour part way through before and had no troubles fitting in, but it obviously is a concern. I’m also flying into Rome on the 20th. I was able to book the night of the 20th at the same hotel as the tour departs from.


Nice! :slight_smile: I can’t decide whether I want to go on that tour or on the Britain & Ireland tour! It’ll be my first solo trip so I’m kinda stressed out…


Tough choice! I did the Britain & Ireland 14-day tour last summer and it was fantastic! It was not very warm, and it rained a lot, but it was extremely enjoyable.
I also did the Barcelona to Rome portion of this tour in 2013 so now I’m doing the Rome to Prague part. Can’t wait!