Road To Prague 16th October 2011



Anyone else on the Road to Prague trip departing Rome on the 16th October? Or anyone on the Discover Europe trip around this time as this is part of the bigger trip?

Would be good to chat with any of you who are on the same trip :slight_smile:

Does anyone have feedback from doing this trip over the summer?

This will be my second Topdeck trip. Previously did the Winter Wonder trip in March 2010! Loved that trip and chose this one because it visits a lot of places I didn’t get to see the first time.

Gem :slight_smile:


Hey Gem,
I am, just booked and paid today!

I’m very excited, it’ll be my first topdeck tour.



Hi Nat,

Good to hear that someone else is on the same trip!

Are you flying into Rome on the 16th or are you already travelling in Europe?

Really looking forward to visiting Croatia as pictures of it look really nice.

What places are you excited about seeing?


Hey guys I’m Nic (female) and I’m booked on this one too CAN NOT WAIT!!! I fly into Rome from London on the 16th think i arrive at 10.30am ;D

After the trip i’m staying in Prague for an extra day then fly back to London on 29th!!! Really excited about seeing Rome and Prague and well everywhere really its my first time in Europe. I’m from NZ and arrived in UK 14th august.

Anyways look forward to meeting you guys on the trip and let me know if you are flying into Rome around the same time as me :slight_smile:



Hey guys,
I’m not sure how i’m getting there yet. I’m working as a Boarding Assistant at a school in the UK and finish up on Friday the 15th, so i’ll probably book a flight out that night and arrive into Rome on the Friday night or Saturday morning.

I’m so excited about everywhere, ahaha. I haven’t been to any of the places before, so it shall all be new and exciting!

I think after the trip I may fly to Berlin for a few days and then back to my work on Sunday.


Not long to go now! Just under two weeks! I have been watching the weather and it still seems quite warm in a few of the countries. I hope it lasts! But it makes packing a bit tricky. Do you think it will still be warm enough to wear shorts in Italy for example or better to bring jeans and tshirts and layers in case it gets cooler? What sort of stuff are you all bringing?


For anyone that is flying into Rome on the 16th … are you planning on getting train and bus to hotel or booking a shuttle transfer? If anyone would like to meet up my flight gets in after 11am.


I have no idea what to pack either… the weather in the UK sure has been crazy the last few weeks.

I’m pretty sure i’ll be flying in to Rome on the 15th and staying overnight somewhere cheap.


Hey yeah I have been thinking about what to pack too but I figured if worst comes to worst I will just have to go SHOPPING hahaha I arrive in Rome on 16th at Fiumicino airport at 10.40am have you received anything extra from Topdeck yet? I was going to try to contact them and see if i should have had any further information.

See you guys really soon YAY ;D


Panic over for some reason my email didnt work they have resent me all the info!! And looking now I will prob get the train into Rome but if we arrive at a similar time maybe we could share a cab for the last part to the hotel? Let me know :slight_smile: