Road to Phnom Penh June 19 2016


Is anyone else going on the June 19th Road to Phnom Penh trip? I’ve just booked to go and it’s my first time traveling so it would be nice to meet people before hand!


Hey Alex I think I am going to book this trip too, are you staying an extra day to see Phnom Penh?


Hi Alexandria and Ashley, I am going on this trip also, so very excited!!!


Hi everyone! My name is Jacob, I’m from Perth, Australia. Where is everyone else from? Getting excited now!


I’m from London. And no unfortunately I won’t be staying an extra day but I am going to be in Bangkok a day early!


I will be in Bangkok a day early also, maybe we could do a meet up? Drink or dinner or something?


Yeah that would be good!


HI! Me and my partner Paul are from Mackay, Aus. Looking forward to meeting you all in Bangkok!


wish you a good journey