Road to Marrakech


Solo traveler, booked for road to Marrakech trip Sat 08 Oct - Sat 22 Oct, hoping to get in contact with other people on this trip :smile:


I just signed up to! Where are you coming from?
I’m doing the Grand European before this one.It ends 10/3 and planning on going to Ibiza before heading to Madrid if you’re interested!!


Hey Harley, I’ll be in Barcelona and then Madrid before hand, at this stage I’ll be with my Sister and her partner up until Barcelona and I’ll leave them to make my way to Mardrid so I may see you before the trip in Madrid, looking forward to it!


I have just booked in for this trip today. Also a solo traveler. Cannot wait!! I’ll be coming from Australia for the trip and staying in Madrid the night before on 7th.


Hey! I’m also a solo traveler and have just booked this trip. I’ll be in Madrid on the 7th October too! I haven’t booked my accommodation yet - anyone got any recommendations? :slight_smile:


Hey Molly. I decided to take the easy option and just booked a spot at the hostel we are staying at in Madrid the first night of the trip :slight_smile:. I’m doing the same thing on the other end of the tour.


Hey Lauren, thinking I might do the same, what’s the name of the hostel for the first night wasn’t able to find it in my info for the trip! Thanks


It’s called U Hostels, Madrid. If you look at the trip notes they put up when you login they give the pick up and drop off details. It’s that hostel. It look’s really good on the website :slight_smile:


Hey Lauren, thanks for that! I ended up booking 4 nights at Uhostel before the trip :slight_smile:️ Not long now!