Road to Marrakech (Nov 5th)


Hey! I’m a first time solo traveller… it’s probably too early, but I was hoping to get in touch with anyone else on this trip :slight_smile: (Sat 05 Nov - Sat 19 Nov)


Hey Steph! I think I am going to do this one after I finish the “Spirit of Europe” tour!


Hey Steph me and my mate are going on this trip!


I ended up booking this trip too! where are you girls from?? :slight_smile:


I am from NZ too but I have been living in Rome for the past 6 months. Is this your first topdeck tour??


Oh how exciting! Yes it is. We are so excited. Gonna be incredible. You just did the Spirit of Europe one right? How was it?


I’m doing the spirit of Europe trip on the 11th of October then I have two free days before this tour! Are you and your friend doing any other tours?? :slight_smile: maybe we could make a Facebook group? And anyone else doing the tour can join it


No no just this one trip for now. The perks of a student budget :laughing: Yes a facebook group would be fab! :+1:


Here’s the link for anyone doing the tour :slight_smile:


Hey Steph! I’m officially booking my trip and plane ticket for the Road to Marrakech tomorrow :smiley: Super excited! This will be my second TopDeck adventure.


Hey guys, I just booked this tour! I’m a solo traveller from Canada, currently living in London UK and this will be my first topdeck tour. Very excited and looking to get in touch with others doing this trip :slight_smile:


HI Everyone. I have just signed up for this trip! travelling from New Zealand for it and am a first time solo traveller! Would like to get to know some of you before we all travel together. Just makes it easier if you know the people a little before hand, i think!

Looking forward to meeting you all


hey!! you should join our facebook group, everyone has been getting to know each other here :slight_smile: