Road to Marrakech leaving 3rd dec


Anyone else signed up to the road to Marrakech leaving 3rd of December ?


Hey Caitlin,

I am :grinning:


Oh yay ! sorry the forum didnt notify you had replied :slight_smile: you just a solo traveller too? i am going to be in madrid for a few days before the tour starts


Hey! I’m joining you guys on the 3rd of Dec too. Also a solo traveller :smiley: I’m really keen to meet you all! xo


Hey guys, I’m also booked on this tour! :grinning: A solo traveller as well, so excited to meet you all too! x


Here is my Facebook if any of you would like to add me and get to know me before the trip also
I’ve made a group for us so we can all chat once you’ve added me I can add you to the group really looking forward to getting to know you all and having a great time !


Oh wow! A few of us now :slight_smile:
I’m a solo traveller too! Can’t wait to meet you all!!


Hello lovelies,
I’m booked in for the 3rd Dec too. Also solo.
Not long now!


Hey guys, im amanda, going on this trip too, im a solo traveller, been in europe for 3 months now. Will be in madrid a few days early if anyone was keen to meetup :slight_smile: