Road to Lake Tahoe - departing 24th December 2017


Is anyone thinking of, or have booked this trip?

I’m thinking about booking but not to sure if anyone else has booked, and I’m wanting to find out who is going!
I will be travelling solo and from Perth :slight_smile:


Hey Emma,

I’m also thinking of doing this trip, would be travelling solo from NZ! :slight_smile:


Hey Jess!

I’ve finally decided to go and planning to hopefully book this weekend :slight_smile:

Hope you decide to go to!!


Hey Jess, me and my bestie will be travelling from AKL NZ on the 22nd for this trip too!


Hi there,

I’ve just booked this trip going solo from AKL NZ. Excited :grinning:



I’m booking this trip tomorrow and I’ll be travelling solo from Brisbane :blush: I’m spending a few days in LA before it departs to go to Disneyland and Universal Studios :heart_eyes:


Hi Kate,

I’m arriving in LA on the 21st :slight_smile:
Get the Topdeck app once you have booked and chat to everyone!


Hey Emma,

Thank-you, will do. Heading in to my travel agent to book everything first thing tomorrow. I’ve alread downloaded the app so I’ll be able to chat with everyone soon! :smiley:


Hey guys!

I am doing this trip too. Travelling solo from NZ on the 19th for a few extra days in LA before we leave. Is anyone else getting off in San Francisco and staying on a few extra days there? I’ve also booked to go to Alcatraz on the morning of the 5th Jan (on our free day) if anyone is keen to book and join me.

Nats x


Hey Natalie,

Looking at doing the same sort of extra days etc as you. Booking very soon. Be great to chat to others going.