Road to Athens/Mega European 8th May 2018


Hey Hey fellow top deckers,

I’m doing the Road to Athens tour on the 8th May next year which is also a part of the Mega European also starting on the 8th May. Is anyone else doing either of these tours?

Would love to catch up before the tour starts! I’ll be staying in London for 5 nights before the tour starts.

So excited!



Hi Jess

I’m doing the Mega European! Solo traveller so little nervous but super excited!!



Hey Katrina!
Yay! Someone else doing the tour! Where are you from? I’m from NSW, Australia. I’ll also be a solo traveller but I did two tours with TopDeck last year!


I’m from Tassie! I’ve done heaps of travel but never 100% solo can’t wait!

What other tours have you done?


Nice! I’m so excited!

I’ve done the Winter Britain and Ireland and the Winter Spirit tours. Ao much fun! Will you be in London before the tour?


Awesome! I arrive in London the Sunday before. What are your plans in London before the tour starts?

Happy New Year by the way :tada:


Happy New Year!!

Awesome! I’ll be in London for 5 days before the trip starts, so ill see the sights and go to Harry Potter Studios.


Hey! I’ll be in London for the week before we leave, I’m on the road to athens tour, also traveling alone :slight_smile:


Hey Cody! Welcome! Where are you from?


I’m from Adelaide aus, I’m thinking about doing Harry Potter studios too!


Nice! I did Harry Potter studios last year but they’ve added to it since I went so I’m going again. Harry Potter studios is amazing!! I loved it so much


Hey! I’m doing the Mega European leaving on the same date. I’ll be in London for a couple of days after I finish up the Britain and Ireland tour (which finishes on the 5 May). Travelling alone too.

Post Mega European trip I’m going to see the Harry Potter play. So now I’m keen for Harry Potter Studios :grin:


Hey! Welcome!

Where are you from? I did the Britain and Ireland Tour 2 years ago, so much fun!

Maybe we could get a group together for Harry Potter studios!


I’m from Canberra. I’m looking forward to the tours as they will be heaps of fun.



Hey Cody & Chris! It’s great to start talking to people who are going on the same trip! Taking some of my nerves away! :smile:

I can’t wait for May to be here!


I feel the same! I am so excited for this trip!