Road To Athens - 9th August



I’m doing the Road To Athens tour from 9th August to 1st September. Just wondering if anyone else here is going??


Hey Fiona,

Im planning on booking tuesday, hopefully there are spaces left! Can’t wait!!

Are you doing any tours afterwards?



Hopefully there will be! I got the itinerary through yesterday - it looks amazing!

No, I’m flying home after we get back to Athens but I’ll probably get straight back on the website as soon as I’m home to book another one! Are you doing any others?


Sweet! Not long to go now!

Im doing the Eastern Adventure 4 sep - 3 october, then a trafalgar tour around the UK and Ireland straight after that hopefully the weather is still good by then :slight_smile:

How long are you in london for before the tour starts?


I travel down to london on the 8th Aug, staying at the clink hostel, you?

Umm good weather in the UK in October…fingers crossed! Will you be visiting Edinburgh on that tour? If you do it’s a great city. Been living here for four years and I love it! Where are you from?

I know 4 weeks tomorrow! I think I’m going to do the sky diving at the Alps, better save my money up!


Looking to fly in around the 5th of August, will probably stay at the clink the night before the tour but not sure if I can get 3 nights there this late in the game. Will find out tomorrow I guess when I book.

Im pretty sure the uk tour has a couple of nights in Edinburgh, I’ve heard good things! :slight_smile:

Im from New Zealand orginally but have been living and working in Perth, Australia for the last 3 years, how about you?

Sky Diving huh… ambitious :stuck_out_tongue: will have to see how kind the exchange rate is before I decide on that one!