Road to Athens 30 August 2011


Hi everyone

Me and two of my friends are going on this Topdeck Tour, leaving 30 August to 22 September.
Just wanted to see if anyone on here is going as well and if anyone had any tips on what to or what not to bring along,
or anything to avoid on the tour!

Can’t wait!!



hey aleasha
im also going on this trip leaving august 30th :slight_smile: staying 4 nights at clink hostel before we leave. im travelling by myself so im excited to meet new people. first time travelling to europe so i cant wait!!
where abouts are u from?
will see u in a month!!!


Hi brittany!

Awesome, i’m yet to find anyone on here doing this trip aswell!
I’m doing Amsterdam, Berlin and London for about 4 nights aswell before hand, not staying at the clink though, just another hostel!
I’m from Sydney, Aus - what about you?
Look forward to meeting you!



Hi Brittany and Aleasha!
I am also going on the Road to Athens trip leaving 30 August… and am the same as Brittany travelling by myself! This is my first overseas trip so I am very excited - I am sure it will be great. I have a few days in London prior to the tour but am staying at the Bedford (not Clink).
Look forward to meeting you all in less than 4 weeks :slight_smile:


Hi Kerrie
Sounds great! I’m sure we’ll all get along great :slight_smile:
How old are you? I’ve been curious to see what the age group is like!
I’m 22.
Only about 13 days left now, till i fly out to Amsterdam, Berlin and London before the tour… (London for a couple of days before the tour, not staying at the Clink)



Wow Aleasha you must be excited - not long to go now!! I
I am 26 - hope I am not the ‘Nanna’ of the tour lol

Enjoy Amsterdam and Berlin!!


hi alesha and kerrie.
im definitely going to be the ‘young one’ im only 18! im from byron bay.
im meeting up with my sister after the tour nd travelling to poland, slovenia nd a few other places. but definitely excited for this trip!! although im finding it impossible to pack!