Road to Athens 26th July 2011/Greek isle hop 18Aug


Hello top deck tourers.

I’m traveling solo on the 26th of July on the Road to Athens tour departing London. anyone else going on it?
I cant find it when I do a search. I think it is part of a bigger tour…

also doing the Greek island hopper starting 18th August (following on from the road to Athens tour) Anyone going there too?

I’m traveling for the first time outside Aus (Tazzie doesn’t count :P)

Any help would be welcome.

Also any safety tips and hints.

I’m getting a antler Aeon Air suitcase and it comes with TSA locks. any reviews welcome




I will be doing my first tour with topdeck in May :slight_smile: (Greek Island Hopper) I have however travelled os 4 times before mostly by myself over the last couple of years!
Do you have any questions in particular?? I’m happy to try & answer them if i can:-)



ummm… what is the sun like over there (aussie sun is pretty nasty) and i get burnt easily… also how much should i allow per day in euros?


Hi well when I was in Europe last time it was march and wellllll there wasn’t much sun!!! quite the opposite I was dealing with snow! I would imagine that while you will be there in the middle of summer it will be hot so just treat it as the same as you would an aussie summer, though I like ours aussie summer might be a bit harsher :slight_smile:
Spending money will vary from day to day depending on what you are doing. I would say about 50E and upwards a day depending on wether dinner is provided and where you are going, entry to places etc and of course how much you like to shop!!! :slight_smile:


Thanks :slight_smile: - wish there was a icon that notified you that someone replied to your post