Road to Athens 26 June-23 July 2018



I’ve booked this trip solo from Perth, it’s my first time travelling with topdeck. Has anyone else booked this trip? :slight_smile:


Aimee, i’m in the process of deciding between this trip and another one from EF ultimate break. But im also a solo traveler from Texas, so ill keep you updated on whether or not i book this trip. I prefer this one but i just have to see how everything plays out!


Hi Connor, so sorry for the ridiculously late reply! I’ve been completely MIA with messaging on here :see_no_evil:. Did you end up deciding on a trip?


Hey guys! I’m seriously considering taking this trip, or the European Pioneer. Spain and Greece are two places I really want to see in Europe, and this trip looks amazing! Plus it stops in Greece which is perfect. :smiley:


Hey :slight_smile: yeah I’m really excited to see Greece, its the main reason I opted for this trip. Where are you traveling from?


Hello! I’m a solo traveller and have also booked this tour! :slight_smile:


Hey! Where are you travelling from?


Sydney! Do you maybe want to add me on fb so it’s easier to talk?


Hey guys!
My friend Maddi & I booked this trip as well. I am thinking about extending the trip at the end and traveling around Europe a bit more. Anyone else in the same boat?



Hey girl, just sent you a friend request :slight_smile:


Hey! That’s great, where are you girls travelling from? Unfortunately I’m not, but I’m sure heaps of people will be!