Road to Athens 2012 (Topdeck)


I am booked for the Road to Athens trip scheduled March 30-April 22.

I am from the United States.

Who else is on this trip?

See you there!


I’m from Australia - on this trip too!
Mega keen, I can’t wait :slight_smile:


Awesome! I’m so excited! I’m wondering what age group our tour will be. I’m 22 and hoping to have fun people on the trip! See you there.


I’m 21, it’d be awesome if we were all kinda in the same age bracket! Are you in London long before the tour starts? I’m there two days beforehand. Are you travelling anywhere before or after the tour?
Not long now!!


Two of my best friends and I are doing this trip but joining in Paris as we wanted to spend a few days there beforehand. They are staying the whole way while I will be leaving in Rome cause of uni!
We are all 22 from Canada and super stoked on the trip! Just did my first topdeck trip over the Christmas holidays and it was good fun, excited for this one as well :slight_smile:



Sweet:) yea, I’m staying in London beforehand. So glad we’ll have a good group of people!



The weather will be a lot nicer than Chicago:)


hey all !
Not long to go now :slight_smile: getting excited!
I was told our trip documents would be emailed out to us 6 weeks prior to the departure date on the trip. Has anyone received this email yet? I’m still waiting for mine…



I haven’t received mine yet either. I think they will be coming shortly.