Road To Athens 2011


Hello fellow travellers!

Two of my friends and i are booking our place on this tour today!
Anyone else joining this tour?

We are from Sydney, Australia and cannot wait to be travelling Europe!



Hey AleashaN,

Yes, just booked Road to Athens, July 5, 2011! cant wait.
Will be on the Tour with my flatmate and younger brother

From Sydney as well. Going to start up a facebook page so will post a link when done! ;D
Bring on Euro11



Hey, anyone doing the Road To Athens July 5 to July 28th 2011, jump onto the following Facebook Group and say hi!

Topdeck - Road to Athens July 5th - July 28th 2011


Hi All,

Just booked “The Road to Athens trip” for the 5th July 2011 with a couple of mates from Sydney … Looking forward to seeing the sites and meeting new peeps!

Is there anyone out there that is booked on the trip as well?

Keep in touch and looking forward to catching up for a cracking Euro11 tour.

Beetles ::slight_smile:


Anyone doing Road to athens tour starting 28th June 2011?? My friend (female 23yrs) and I will be doing it and its our first time touring Europe. Cannot wait!!


Visiting Athens, resorts that are usually in the city to take a half day to one day visit at the most. On the other hand, lying on the outskirts of the city, particularly on the Greek mainland, usually about 2 to 7 days to visit. Visits Athens provide all forms of transport to visit these places. There are also cruise tours that take tourists to visit the nearby islands of the Saronic Gulf. This kind of trip takes a day. The most interesting places that are covered by the visits of Athens will certainly include the Acropolis, Acropolis Museum, the Temple of Zeus, the Panathenaic Stadium and Parliament. You also get the opportunity to admire the various neo-classical buildings in the city.

Athens City tours


my friend and i are booked on the road to athens leaving march 30th
cant wait!!!


Hey, I’m booked on the tour starting 30th March!
Travelling by myself, but really looking forward to getting amongst it!

Hannah :slight_smile:


Booking my flights soon… can’t wait!
Is everyone staying at the clink hostel where we meet in London?



I’m going August 2011. So bit far away but still!


hi me and my partner are leaving on the 30th march 2011 anyone else joining this tour we are from brisbane and so excited first time to europe ;D


Cmon people! There must be someone else doing Road to Athens, 5th July.

Im totally pumped. Nearly 3 months away… cant wait :slight_smile:


My friend and I are booked for 21 June, anyone else doing this one?


i hope other people are going on the 30 August one… haha


Hey, I’m going onthe tour that leaves 26th of july? anyone elso on that tour?


We’re going on Road to Athens on the 21st June too!
Where are you from? We’re from Perth.


6 weeks to go and counting. Bring on July 5! ;D



My 2 friends & I will be on the Road to Athens, leaving from the 5th of July!

Looking frwd to it! Yay! :slight_smile:


Hey Dina… cool, nice to finally find someone else who is leaving on the same date! I’ll be there with my flatmate. We cant wait!

See you there :slight_smile: