Hi Everyone,[br][br]I am really interested in doing the Timeless Trail next year but am trying to decide between that tour and a tour offered by Contiki.[br][br]I wanted to find tour reviews or just general reviews of Topdeck but i cant seem to find any.[br][br]Does anyone know where i can find some online reviews?[br][br]Thanks :slight_smile:


Hey Emma,[br]Try Bugbitten, they have everything from city/country reviews to tour reviews. You should find what you are looking for on there. Also, its a bit more time consuming but you can search on here, alot of people leave reviews or answer questions about tours they have done which give a good indication of how good/bad their experiences where.[br]Hope this helps[br]Christine[br][br]European Getaway 16 May 2009[br]Oktoberfest 18 Sept 2009


hi there[br][br]Just to let you know I just came home from travelling around Europe. And I did 2 Topdeck tours, the Europe WOnder and Greek Island Hopper. On one of the tours, we met a Contiki group and they couldn’t believe how much free time we had compared to them. Everything was scheduled for them that they didn’t get time to get time to explore on their own. And it depends what you want, Contiki tends to full of younger people who are more interested in drinking. But at the end of the day it’s your trip![br][br]Have a great time with whatever you decide! :)[br][br]Nicky


I went on topdeck last year and my friend went on a Contiki and the same thing happened - she said that she didnt get hardly free time and they had to pay tips and stuff like that![br]She wishes she went on Topdeck and I was stoked I didnt go on Contiki!


Thanks guys that was really helpful! :)[br][br]And as a side note I just wanna say thanks for offering valid and contructive criticism of Contiki. Im honestly trying to decide between the 2 and get proper pros and cons for both but after trying the Contiki forums all i got was ‘Topdeck sux and Contiki is great’ - not very helpful obviously[br][br]Good to know people can be a bit grown up about it!


Just to give one for Contiki here, I recently did a Topdeck tour around Europe and 1 week Contiki one around the UK. I loved both and would definitely recommend doing a tour with either. I’m a non drinker and had no trouble with Contiki or Topdeck in that respect, I found both tours to be no different aside from the name on the side of the bus. From what I heard from others in the Contiki group who had done a Europe tour prior to the UK one, they had the time of their lives as I did on the Topdeck one. There were no complaints about free time and we had more than enough on the UK one. Although it did sound as though the Contiki Europe toure got a bit more crazy in terms of drinking etc (like the reputation they have). But in terms of free time and seeing things, I’d recommend either. :)[br][br]It is true about tips on Contiki. The day before the last day we were handed envelopes and were expected to tip the leader and driver. Of course you don’t have to, you’re not going to see them again. I was happy to give them 10 pounds each as they made it a fantastic tour but on Topdeck this was not expected, and given how much you pay to be on the tour in the first place it probably shouldn’t be.


Hi Emma[br][br]I am looking at doing Timeless Trail next year as well but it seems to have disappeared off the tour listings. Hopefully its still there. When are you thinking of going? I am planning on heading over in July/August


Hi Jade.[br][br]Im planning to go in August 2010. It will be back - i just got the 2010 brochure and its definitely in there :)[br][br]I think it was leaving on the 20th August. I’m going to stay 2-3 days in London before the tour starts as well because you cant go to the UK and not spend any time in London![br][br]Are you going solo or with friends/boyfriend?


I just got the brochure to, have planned on doing the trip that departs on July 8th, spending one week before hand doing London and Amsterdam.[br]Am travelling solo shall be a bit scary.[br][br]Also planning on doing a night at Santorini as well if I can fit it in.


Hi again,[br][br]Just thought i would update this topic. I have booked with Topdeck! :)[br][br]I basically just decided that Topdeck is better value and it has the right dates and places I would like to see. They also seem to have a wider variety of people rather than just the gap year students who want to party. Not that i dont want to be doing a bit of that myself! :p[br][br]Im booked for the 5 Aug Timelss Trail and 28 Aug Greek Island Hopping.[br][br]Can’t wait!


I booked to but for the tour that departs on July 8th, have a week in london and amsterdam before the tour… so excited