Reverse Beach & Bush 1st August!


Anyone else booked onto this tour?

Seen on facebook that people’s tours are cancelled if not enough people even though some of them are months away. As this one was showing that its available hoping that wont happen :frowning:


Hi Tina,
If a trip shows as ‘available’, it is on sale but not yet a guaranteed departure. ‘Guaranteed departure’ means that we have guaranteed it will go ahead. We try not to cancel too many trips, however occasionally we must due to low numbers. However, if we do cancel a trip it is at minimum 6-8 weeks before the trip departure, and all passengers on the cancelled trip are offered a transfer to an alternative date or, if the alternatives do not fit with their timetable, a full refund. However, we do find that throughout the year many trips which are not guaranteed in our brochure get guaranteed as people book on, so your best bet is to keep an eye on the website for the most recent information!

Topdeck Team


Yay I am! I’m really hoping that won’t happen too! I’m going it alone (never been travelling before) and I’m absolutely terrified! Are you going alone or with others?


Yay! I’m so happy to know someone else has booked on the trip!! I’ve been checking the site constantly!!
Yes i’m going to be going alone, never done anything like it before so a bit scared as well as really excited!!
Have you booked the pretour accomodation? I have booked it to make sure i’m in the right place before the tour begins.
Are you spending any other time in Oz before/after the trip?


Phew! Not just me then, great news!! :slight_smile: I’m so excited!
I arrive in Alice Springs the day before about lunchtime so I’ll only need one night but yeah it would be sensible to make sure I’m in the right place, is that the Heavitree hostel place? (I’ve only just got round to booking everything so haven’t sorted all my accommodation yet)
Yeah I arrive in Cairns on 22nd July and I’m doing a 5 day Learn to Dive course, then afterwards Sydney for a few days and Townsville to dive a wreck there, then off to Fiji for 10 days!
How about you, what are your plans?


I’m heading to Melbourne for a couple of days before the tour begins, then staying for Sydney for a couple of days at the end of the tour…not that I have sorted accomodation for either of these times!! Sadly then it will be back home for me. A bit of a brief trip which is why I wanted to do this tour, have wanted to go to Ayers Rock for years!!
Sounds like you are rather active with all the diving…i’m hoping I dont get seasick on the sailing part of the trip!


Hey Suzy

Just wondered what your plans were now Topdeck have cancelled our tour :frowning:

I’ve booked onto the reverse suntanner tour starting in Cairns but now trying to look at what to do about ayers rock etc cos I have booked those internal flights.

What a pain!


Hey Tina, sorry for the delay in replying! Yes I’ve done the same, the one starting on 6th August. Apparently the Reverse Beach and Bush was made up of two tours anyway so I don’t think the differnce will be too much. My trip planner gave me a brochure of Adventure tours Australia. So I’m currently choosing between:

Have you decided on anything yet? I still haven’t booked any of my extra accommodation! Whoops!


Those were what my agent recommended too…but im going against that and have chosen this one:
Starting on 1st Aug.

I have decided to hold off booking all the extra accomodation for the moment just in case disaster strikes again lol!!

Strange question…but how are you taking money? Are you taking lots of cash or relying on cards? Credit cards confuse me over which is best and about using abroad but obviously dont want the responsibility of taking lots of money with me.


Ooh that one looks really good and cheaper! I think I might book onto that one as well-cheers for the heads up!

Haha fair enough. I’m hoping they’ll be no ash clouds etc. by July…!

Noo I wouldn’t take that much cash I don’t think. I’ll take lots out before the Red Centre but for the rest of it I think just rely on my debit card, and check it works abroad. I think you can set up different traveller debit cards which I might look into so I can only spend a finite amount…!




Be cool if you do end up on the same tour - be nice to know someone going on the whole lot!

That was what I was thinking about money - in my mind i’m thinking everywhere else will have ATMs.

Not sure about that STA card - a friend of a friend went to the USA with that card and there were lots of problems with it which someone back in the UK had to sort and had to send them money as it wouldnt work.

Your probably wise with the debit card option - I have a feeling i’m going to totally overspend, though keep telling myself ifs a once in a lifetime trip!


Hey Suzy

Did you get a place on that tour?

So annoyed…just had a call from my agent to say they now don’t have spaces!!!

Think I must be cursed!!

Just wondered if you booked and got on it…or if you were gonna do one of those others you suggested


Hiya, no it was full for me too! I’m waiting for confirmation of this one: departing on 1st August-4th with the pre-post accommodation at somewhere called Haven I think…


Just checked and it’s all confirmed! Phew!