Reloading batteries on camping tour?


Hi! For those of you who have been on a camping top deck tour… this might be a stupid question but how did you reload your mobile / digital camera battery? Are there places to do this safely in the camping areas? And did you need a lot of adapters for the different countries? [br][br]I am a bit worried that my digital camera will die on me and I’ll miss lots of photos…[br][br]


hi again, there are plugs all over the place where you can recharge, youll have to wait with them though, or take it in turns with friends…dont leave your things on their own…[br][br]take it easy, and if its easy, take it


Two main adapters should do it for your travels - standard European 2 round prong adapter, and the UK 3 prong adapter (if starting off in London). Your post doesn’t mention which country your travelling from - if coming from North America, you will also (most likely) need a power converter, as voltage requirements differe from NA and Europe. That is unless your item is multi-voltage (should say on the plug/adapter). [br][br]Hope this helps!!![br][br]Greg


I have been giving this a lot of thought too and have decided I don’t really need a mobile phone so that will be staying at home. iPod and digital camera are essential though, especially so I can transfer my millions of pictures from my camera to my iPod for extra storage! [br][br]I have decided to buy an adaptor for my iPod which takes normal batteries and am going to buy a spare battery for my camera. I thought they would be realy expensive but its only about ?10 so worth it I think![^]