Release of 2011 Europe Brochure



Was just wondering if anyone knows when the 2011 Europe Brochure/Booklet is going to be released? I’m itching to look at the tours! Also does anyone know if prices vary each year a lot?

Thanks, Louise


Hey there, the brochure is due to be out beginning of October, N Im pretty sure the dates N prices will vary slightly but not by much :slight_smile:


thank you! :slight_smile:


is there any reason why the winter tours for next year are not due out until July 2011? We are looking at going to Europe at the end of October, start of November, and were told by topdeck that we would have to wait until July next year, 4 months before we would depart!! This obviously means we cannot plan the rest of our holiday or book flights in advance… :o(


Hey guys

Just a quick update. Our Brochure is due out at the beginning of November. Dates and prices may be available a bit sooner on the website so be sure to check back for details!

With regards to the Winter Brochure, although the brochure may only be released in July 2011, the dates and prices may also be available to book before that.

Hope this helps!


Awww that sucks! I was told beginning oct and now it’s Nov :frowning:


you can order it on the ‘order brochure’ page, can’t download it yet though


hi guys, im in nz and spoke with the sales manager for topdeck tonight, 12-10-10 about the brochure in nz and auss, it rolled out today so will be in stores this week (i have the new one now) so its printed andnready



how exciting!! Thank you guys so much, I just ordered it :slight_smile:


Yeah our travel agent got 2 copies yesterday morning :slight_smile:


2011 summer tours are now on the website!!! I think Im going to do the euro getaway tour ;D


I have just booked my 16 day Eastern Spirit with my travel agent. April next year isnt coming quick enough. ;D


I’m looking at the European Pioneer on either the 23rd or 26th June 2011. I can’t wait ;D


Yes, they’re up!! My sister and I are thinking of booking the European Pioneer starting the 25th Aug 2011. Anyone else thinking of that one? Also I heard it is a popular trip, should we book ASAP? :slight_smile: