Reef Suntanner Reverse - April 16th


Hi all,
I’m all booked and cant wait to get over there! I am doing the reef suntanner reverse 10 Day tour from Cairns starting 16th April, however i’m doing this part of the trip on my own and was just wondering if anyone else is doing the same trip or if anyone has been on this tour before?!


Hi there, I did the regular Reef Suntanner on Feb 8th-18th (started in the Gold Coast). Had a blast! You’ll really enjoy it! Any advice or tips, feel free to ask.



Hey Amy!
Thanks for the reply. Just wondering did u find u spent much money while u were on the tour r did u think
most things were included in the overall price of the tour?
R u still based in Oz urself, plus did u travel on ur own? Any advice r tips that u think mite come in handy?lol.


Well, I kind of went all out and tried to do quite a few of the optional activities, so that got kind of expensive. Also, many times we went out to dinner (some of the times dinner was not included) so you’re going to have to budget money for that.

I’m from the US but currently deployed to Iraq so I went to Australia for my R&R leave. I traveled on my own but then met up with the group on the 8th. I actually had dinner with them on the 7th as I happened to be staying at the same hotel as they were the night before the day I was supposed to start my tour, everyone was really friendly.

I’d recommend to pack light…many of the places we were at had washers and dryers, so unless you wanted a heavy suitcase or a lot of clothes to choose from, you shouldn’t have to bring too many clothes.