Reef & RF REV MAR16 or Island Suntanner Rev mar17



I’m debating between the reef and rainforest reverse mar 16 and the island suntanner reverse mar 17 has anyone else booked either of these trips ?

Jess :slight_smile:


Hi Jess,

I have booked onto the Reef & Rainforest Reverse tour on the 16th March. I did look at doing the Suntanner Reverse tour too but decided on the Reef & Rainforest in the end :). It would be great to be in-touch if you decide to do the Reef & Rainforest :slight_smile:



Hi Kristy,

i’ve decided i’m booking with the reefs and rainforests too! i can’t wait! so excited! when are you flying into cairns and how long are you in sydney for after the trip.



Hey Kristy!

Can’t believe the date is almost here so excited !
let me know if you have facebook, let me know when your landing in cairns and how long your staying in sydney hopefully we can meet up.

can’t wait to hear from you



Hey Jess, I know it’s so soon, I am so excited now! I am landing in Cairns a few days before and I am staying in Sydney for around a week and i’m planning to see the sights and meet up with some friends. What about you?

Be great to chat, speak soon.



Hi Guys,

I am also booked on to the Reef and rainforest reverse trip starting on the 16th. Really looking forward to it now! I have been staying with a friend in Perth for this past week but fly in to Cairns on Thursday, are either of you staying at The Gilligans Backpackers Resort?

Would be great to meet up!



Hi Hayley!

I am flying from the UK today and arriving in Cairns on Wednesday. I have booked into Gilligans too until the trip starts :). I am doing the trip on my own so it would be great to meet up!



Hi Kristy,

I hope you had a good flight and are not too jet lagged! Im doing the trip by myself too so meeting up would be brilliant! I arrive in Cairns on Thursday, not sure what the easiest way is to get in contact but my email address is and full name is Hayley Slatter if you can find me on facebook, I have a profile picture of me with Ronald McDonald bowing in Bangkok (of course?).

Have a great first day there!

See you soon



Hi Hayley! The flights were good and im not too jet lagged :). I had a look but on facebook but couldnt find you. What time do you arrive today?They do a free dinner here at 6 until 9 so could catch up for that? Otherwise im in room 220, pop up and say hello!! :). Kristy