Redstar special aug 10th 2008


just wondering any1else on this tour through eastern europe???


Hi - I’m on this trip. I’ve been travelling through Western Europe for the past 2 months (did Discover Europe) and I am very excited about all the camping we wil be doing! Are you in UK? I’ve loved the culture of Europe but definately missing the greenery and water from home!


hey i was actually beginning to think that it was just gonna be me on this trip haha phew… yep im in the uk on a working holiday visa(got here 3weeks ago) crashing at my sisters at the mo and just checking out the sites over here till the start of the trip. With such great weather at the mo im having withdrawls from the sand and surf of our beaches haha you travelling through europe on your own?


Dont worry - it’ll be a full bus. I only booked a couple of weeks ago and there were just a few spots left. People just dont want to join the forum I guess.[br][br]Yes, I’m travelling by myself - same thing, working visa. I’ve been off work now for 3 months and money is getting a little low but enjoying it while i can.