Red Star


Hi just seeing if anybody out there is going on the June 3rd tour


Hi Matt, I am also on the Red Star tour departing on Sunday June 3 from Berlin. You have probably seen my name, along with others, on the Russian visa documents you just got from Topdeck.[br][br]There are probably those on our tour and different tours who are not continuing with us through to Russia who start with us in Berlin.


Hi Merv, nice to see there are people on our tour, I’ve only just seen my visa documents today.[br][br]are you doing this tour alone?[br]


Hello Matt and Merv,[br][br]I’ll also be doing this tour! Book it today after many a “but you’re my (18 year old ) baby girl” arguement with my parents. [br][br]Katie


Hi Katie, [br]I hope if you had to argue with them they are paying for your trip


The trip is my graduation present but all souvenirs are out of my account.[br][br]Are you going to be spending time in Europe prior to or post topdeck adventure?


Hi guys![br][br]Matt: I’m travelling alone-none of my friends either have the vacation time, interest, funds, etc. to travel.[br][br]Katie: Happy to hear that you are on our tour-I was looking at my Visa documents and at the time, I was the only person from the Western Hemisphere going on this tour…[br][br]I am arriving at Berlin on Sunday June 3-the first day the tour. After the tour ends, I’ll be staying in Berlin until Wednesday with the hope that I can visit London from Wednesday to Saturday. I have also read in travel guides that some of Berlin’s big museums are closed on Mondays.[br][br]Have you guys received your Russian Visas yet? The consular office here has a 22-day processing time. I gave them the visa documents on February 14.


Hey![br][br]I will also be arriving on the 3rd( look for the lost American girl :wink: . Sadly I will probably leave on the 8th though I wanted to stay and hop over to london for all the Harry Potter mania( I’m a nerd and I know it). I had to renew my passport so it will be a bit until I even get my visa documents(suckfest '07)[br][br]Merv: Glad I can provide a fellow westerner though that makes me the only American, oh well guess we’ll see!


Hi Guys[br]Nice to know that we all seem to be travelling alone[br]I’m also arriving on the day of the tour but fly home on the 9th[br]I have been told that my visa won’t be issued until the start of next month[br]Also there is nothing wrong with us people from the southern hemisphere


No indeed Matt. Infact I would put the southern above the western hemisphere anyday. Or atleast the U.S. I can’t really vouch for the canadians and Mexico is pretty cool.


From what I saw in my Australia/New Zealand trip two years ago, I also agree that they do things better than up here in Canada. If my workplace needed to send someone to work for several months down there, I would volunteer without hesitation at this point.[br][br]A bit unfortunate that you two need to leave quickly. Matt, I’m guessing that your long flights are eating into your vacation time?[br][br]So far then, there are at least 10 of us doing the whole 36 day thing. My prior trip experiences suggest that there will me more Australians/New Zealanders joining us. If more North Americans join us, most of them will be those who are working/studying in Europe.[br][br]


Man, I wish I was in the Working/Studying in europe category. Maybe as An Equine/ History double major I’ll get the chance. Only 3 months as of today, I’m crazy excited though it means working 30 something hours a week( smoothie anyone?). [br][br]Are y’all( ahh, southern) flying directly into Berlin or connecting through places?


Hey!! I’m going on the northern exposure tour starting in berlin on the 3rd june, are you guys all on the red star?[br][br]x


Hey!! I’m going on the northern exposure tour starting in berlin on the 3rd june, are you guys all on the red star?[br][br]x


Hi kari_lou, the three of us posting here are all on the Red Star tour. Including you, we know there are at least eleven of us departing Berlin on June 3.[br][br]katiekat: I’m intending to connect via London, but I won’t book my flights until I get the Russian Visa.[br][br]What are people doing for money and currency? Finland/Germany are on the euro, and every other country has its own currency. I’m thinking that I’ll have euros, Norweigan kroners and roubles, and use the ATM for the rest of the countries.


Hi kari_lou!!![br][br]Merv: I’m planning on having euros, kroners, and roubles as well as my atm and budgeted credit card. My flight may connect through london or poland but we’re waiting for a deal.[br][br]What is everyone doing for travel insurance? What company ect.[br][br]


Hi kari_lou [br][br]I see your’e only touring the expensive Scandi countrys (should be a great 3 week holiday)[br][br]Merv & Katie I’m travelling via L.A / Frankfurt mainly due to cheap fare and arrival times which mean I only end up with a 28 hour flight time[br]as for money I figure Ive got three months to save some.[br]


katiekat: My travel insurance is from a local bank in my country. But I may have made a $400 mistake since my employer provides very good travel insurance as a work benefit. Oh well, guess I’m insured twice.[br][br]Matt: Your flight was like mine when I went to Australia/New Zealand. It was $800 cheaper to connect via Alaska and Hong Kong to get to Auckland/Syndey instead of the faster route through LA and Hawaii.


Hey guys![br][br]I’m looking around for what bag to bring,and I’m pretty sure I’m going to get at duffle/travel bag. However, I was curious as to what size you all are bringing so I can make a choice (cu in/cm).


Hi Katie[br]on my last 2 tours I used a back pack but am toying with the idea of using a suitcase on this trip as they are easier to get things in and out of[br]top deck size restriction is 70cm x 50cm x 25cm and 20kgs of weight