Red Star Tour Starting on 28th May 2017


Hey everyone!

I’m Natalie, travelling solo from Australia and joining the Red Star Tour in Berlin on the 28th May 2017. I am curious is anyone else here doing the same tour?? Would love to get in touch prior to the tour commencement! :smiley:

Looking froward to seeing the Baltic and Scandinavia!



hello Natalie… and welcome to the forum!!

The red star is the best tour and its very amazing place …i am very sure u will be enjoy it …:relaxed:

Have fun and i hope this very help u…:grinning:

If u any problem then u ask me …so enjoy this tour …



Hi Natalie, I’m Todd! Not sure if you are still monitoring this forum, but this is my first Topdeck and it took my awhile to find it lol. Anyway, I will be on your tour but joining up later in Tallinn, travelling solo as well. I am sure you will have already met a great group and spent a few weeks making awesome memories before I join up, but looking forward to the trip and meeting you and everyone else! I will also actually be in Oslo at the same time your tour will be so would love to meet up with the group early if possible. Have you talked with anyone else on tour?