Red Star tour leaving 12th July


Who’s coming?[br][br]Bec


Meeeeeee!!![br][br]I am booked for this tour for the 12th, extremely excited. Though not sure which country I am looking forward to the most.[br][br]Only 3 1/2 months to go!!![br][br]Samantha


Hey Samantha[br]I can’t wait 11 weeks and 1 day to go (not that i’m counting or anything). Where do you live? I’m in sydney[br][br]Bec


Hi Bec,[br][br]I also live in Sydney. I have sort of counting down aswell, and spending too much money on stuff I think I need before I evan leave the country. Here’s to the Aussie Dollar continuing to get stonger again so my money goes a bit further.[br][br]Are you travelling Solo? [br][br]Samantha


Hi Sam.[br]I’m not travelling solo, a friend (who lives in Canada) i met on another topdeck tour 2yrs ago is coming too. What about you? Where abouts in sydney r u? I’m in Petersham. Have u been on a tour before?[br][br]Bec


I am from Hornsby. I did the Discover Europe in 2007 solo but this time I have a work mate traveling with me, but she is doing the Northern Exposure on the same date so she will finish the trip in Tallin. So will be solo for the last two weeks. I am sure I will be friends with everyone by then.8-)[br][br]


Hey guys,[br]I am on the trip too with another guy from work. I’m from Ireland originally but been out here in Sydney for 8 years and heading back to Europe for a few months to do some traveling. Am also doing a contiki trip late August around Eastern Europe.[br][br]Here is my email address if you want to chat some more[br][br][br][br]Otherwise see you in Berlin[br][br]Shay


Hey Shay[br]Welcome to the slowly growing gang. Have u done any tours before? Maybe i should pick your brain as myself and another friend are going to Ireland after our tour! Where do you live in Syd?[br][br]Bec


Hi Bec,[br]I was on a contiki trip around Europe about 2 years ago. Had a blast. Have not been on a top deck tour though before. I am living in Coogee.[br][br]Yeah if you want some tips on ireland and places to go, give me a shout on my email when you get a chance. Otherwise can fill you in on the trip. Not long to go now.[br][br]See ya


Just thought I would refesh this post, to see if anyone else is coming on this trip, or any of the legs of the trip.[br][br]I have just received my itinary from Topdeck (hostel/campsite/hotel details incuded), have my Russian Visa. No option extra info though, I guess they will be a surprise.[br][br]Only 2 months to go. Very excited about the trip and meeting new people. [br][br]Samantha


Hey Guys, not long to go, i’m getting very excited now. [br]Still got to get my Russian visa yet. Thats on the agenda for tomorrow. Hey Shay where around Europe did you go 2yrs ago, i was in Europe on a Topdeck tour in August 2007[br][br]Bec


Hey Guys,[br][br]I am having one of those moments of doubt about my Visa, what exit date did topdeck give you on the russian invitation letter? Mine said the 11th of August and thats what I submitted but now I have the full dated itniary from Topdeck and it says we are crossing the russian border on the 10th of August. Some friends say this is in case we are held up etc we can still exit if we are late, just wanted to confirm everyone has the same dates as me.[br][br]Not long to wait now.[br][br]Samantha[br]


Hey Sam, I have not got the russian visa yet but I do have the letter and it says the 10th on mine. Maybe ring topdeck and see what they say? Will be getting my visa in the next week or two.[br][br]Hey Bec,[br]Yeah I was going around the same time…August/September. Basically went from London down to Greece and back up through europe to Amsterdam. Was 33 days. Was brilliant but exhausting. Myself and a friend had enough travelling on the bus by the time we got to Greece, so we stayed on a few extra days and did some island hopping and then caught up with the bus in Austria and continued from there. Was like a mini Amazing Race playing catch up. Only bad thing about the trip was everyone caught a bloody cough/cold. I will be bringing tons of cough medicine I reckon this time.[br][br]Shay


Anyone else coming on this? Not long now…