Red Star Special


Hey everyone
Is anyone considering doing the Red Star Special 2012??
Looking at doing the 13th May but not sure if it’s a popular tour? Travelling alone as well so if anyone is considering it let me know :slight_smile:


Hey Jess,

I’m doing this tour on the 13th and also travelling alone. There is at least 1 other person I know of who is also doing this tour solo and a couple of people just doing part of it. I don’t know how popular it is though but you won’t be the only one travelling solo if that helps at all.



Hey Jess,

As Jules said, there are at least four of us doing either this tour or the Northern Exposure (first 22 days of the Red Star Special) according to an earlier post on here:

There are also two other girls who have posted messages for these tours on the ‘Meet Others’ section on the Topdeck facebook page:

So if my maths is correct, that makes at least six of us (or seven counting you)!! :slight_smile:



Hey Jules and Adam

Great to here back from you! Are you both from Australia also?

Thanks for the links Adam I haven’t been able to find anything at all on the red star! I am glad to hear I won’t be the only solo traveller! Excited to meet you both now I just need to get it all booked! :slight_smile:



Good to hear you are going to join the 6 of us for the tour (will have to log in to the facebook page for our tour as well I think). I’m from Sydney. Whereabouts are you from.


Hi Jess,

Good to hear you decided to go ahead with the tour! I’m from Melbourne and also travelling solo.



Surely there would be more then 6 of us doing it! I think it’s a great tour because they aren’t places i’d go to on my own! When are you both getting to Berlin? I am from Newcastle. How old are you guys?


I’m sure there will be more people when we arrive, but if not, more space to spread out on the bus ;). I’m like you in that while I would be happy to travel through Scandinavia on my own, I felt better about doing a tour for Russia and then decided to do the whole tour instead of joining part way through. I’ll be flying into Berlin on the morning of the 13th as I didn’t have enough leave to fly in any earlier. I’m 33.