Red Star Special- Spending Costs


HI All, I am looking to book the Red Star Special for next year.

Just wanted to get feedback from those who have done the trip and how much spending money I would need.

I know that most of the meals are covered which makes things easier, but there are quite a few optional extras.

  • Kim


Hey Kim,
You will LOVE this trip. Absolutely life changing!
I went this year and budgeted $100 Australian per day, not including the optionals, which was more than enough even with a lot of eating/drinking and fair bit of souvenir shopping.
Only the first 9 days of the trip are the expensive parts! Youll hardly spend anything in Norway/Finland, Estonia, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland are so cheap. You could do it for much less than I did, but I didnt want to stress about my money when I was travelling
hope this helps


When are you thinking about going?
I’m doing this tour on the 19th of August till the 24th of September


Thanks Kathryn that was really helpful!