Red star special/ Scandi express June 24th


I’m doing the Scandi express part. Anyone else doing either?


Hey Caitlin!
I’ll be doing the Scandi Express too. Am looking so forward to it!


Yay! When do you arrive in Berlin? I get there on the 21st.


I’ll be arriving on the 20th.
Have you been to Berlin before?


Nope first time :slight_smile: I haven’t been anywhere other than NZ and Aus before. What about you?


I was in Berlin for two nights on my first Topdeck trip in January last year. Berlin is absolutely freezing in winter, but so much fun! It’s my favourite city so I had to make sure I got a few extra nights in this time. I suspect it’s going to be just as lovely in the summer time. Berlin is a great city.
Looking forward to discovering Copenhagen, Stockholm and Oslo too :slight_smile: They look like very pretty and exciting cities.


Yeah I can’t wait to see the East side gallery and some of the museums. Stockholm is one of the stops I’m most looking forward to, it just looks so pretty. What are you doing after the tour?


Hey guys - I’m doing the Russia Scandi leaving on the 24th!

Looking forward to summer and some nice long days up North =)

I fly into Berlin (heard its fairly amazing) on the 18th and might check out the city and a few close by places (like Dresden) beforehand!


Hey Kyril I’m also doing the Russia Scandi on the 24th :slight_smile: Arriving in Berlin on the 20th to check out the place - can’t wait!


Hey Caitlin,
I’m just going to be doing a few more nights of travelling before heading home. I would have loved to have continued on to do the rest of Norway though.
How about you?

It’s sneaking up so quickly! I remember booking way back in January. It’s so exciting :slight_smile:


Hey monica,
I’ve got a week and a half extra travelling before I fly home.

I’m in Rome at the moment, arrived yesterday. It feels so weird, I’m sure my countdown was at like 50 a couple of weeks ago.


Ah wow! I hope you enjoy your travels from Rome. It sounds like you’re in for an amazing holiday :slight_smile:
Guess I’ll be seeing you in Berlin!