Red Star Special, Scandi Express and Northern Exposure 21 May 2017


Hi guys! I’m looking for people who will be on my tour starting 21st of May! I’m doing the Northern Exposure but pretty sure this is combined with the Scandi Express and Red Star Special.


Hi, I’ll be doing the Red Star special tour starting the 21st of May and cannot wait for it to start, so excited


Hey, that’s awesome :slight_smile: Where are you from? I’m 29 from Perth, Aus


I’m 28 and from Wagga Wagga, NSW


Myself and my cousin are joining on the 28th of May as part of Scenic Scandi :slight_smile: I am 36 (turning 37 whilst away) and my cousin is 39 :slight_smile: We are both from Perth!


Oh yay! Look forward to meeting u both fellow perthians :+1: