Red Star Special June 3, 2018


I’ve put down the deposit, and am booked for the Red Star leaving Berlin on June 3rd. Anyone else joining, or thinking of joining?
This will be my third Topdeck tour, all the way from Canada. :slight_smile:


too much time to find somebody!


Just signed up for June 3rd :smile:
This is my first tour, coming from Australia.


This is my third Topdeck tour… coming from Canada! :slight_smile:


Anyone interested in going to a World Cup game while we are in Russia? If we can get tickets, it looks like there is a chance to see one of the following:
Group Stage - Nigeria vs Argentina
Round of 16 - Winner of Group A vs 2nd place of Group B (Group B contains Spain and Portugal so likely one of them!)
I’ve entered into the ballot to get a ticket to each game. Expecting it to be easy enough to resell if scheduling makes this impossible.

BTW went to Canada twice this year, it was amazing! Big Sens fan (although that hurts atm…)


Who’s still going on this trip?