Red Star Special June 12 or 19, 2016


Hey everyone! My name is Christa. I’m 25 and from Texas. I’m planning to do a solo trip this summer and this is the first one on my list! Anyone else planning to go? :grin:


Hi Christa, I am from Vic Australia, I am doing the Northern Exposure tour on 12 of June.
Which maybe the same tour if your going on the 12th however I finish just before Russia.


Hey guys, download the TourRadar app. to meet fellow travellers on your respective tours :smiley::v:t3:

It’s the best means of meeting people before the tour begins. I used it last year for my European Inspired tour, and have already joined forums for the Scenic Scandi / Northern Exposure tours :ok_hand:t3:


That’s great! Yeah I am definitely leaning towards the 12th!


Cool, perhaps will see you in Europe.
I am having issues getting the tour radar app working.
However am on the topdeck app for my tour.


Yeah I think I am going with June 12th! Do you have a fb?


Hey Guys, I’m doing the June 19 tour :slight_smile:


Hi Dion, where are you from?


Melbourne, Australia.

Where are you from newtourtraveler?


Melbourne as well.
Lol really need to change my user name have been on number of tours now.


notanewtourtraveler maybe? hahaha

So I see that you are jumping on the tour that departs before mine!


Yes am really looking forward to it.
Will be good to escape some of Melbournes winter.


I think people would be surprised that there are parts of Australia that actually has cold, grey, wet, windy winters… I think there is a misconception that we are all constantly warm!


Probably due to overseas marketing.
Defiantly has been freezing here, I hate to think what Tasmania is getting.