Red Star Special June 10th


Hey who else is going on the Red Star Special departing June 10th or any of the other tours making it up??
Getting close now!!



I’m joining the tour on day 8, doing the Scenic Scandi starting 17 June. Are you travelling with others or going solo?

Not long to go now!



I am doing the Russian Revelations tour which I think joins with the red star in Tallin on 30 June. I cant wait to get over there. I am travelling solo. Just waiting on my russian visa at the moment.



Hi Julie,

That sounds right. I think the red star special is made up of at least 4 tours. I leave the tour in Tallinn on July 1. I’m also travelling solo. Have you travelled with topdeck before?




I am doing the full Red Star Special starting June 10. I haven’t travelled with Topdeck before but I recently finished a Contiki tour and that was fantastic. I am also travelling alone. Looking forward to meeting everyone soon, not long now.



Hey Caitlyn,
This is my first topdeck tour I have travelled with busabout before in mainland europe. Have heard good things about topdeck though from friends. I really cant wait to get over there. Are you doing just your tour or heading off to other places?



Hi Julie and everyone,

I’m just going to be doing the tour - once it’s over I have to fly back for work. I’m also travelling alone, so will be fantastic to meet up with some like minded people. This will be my third topdeck trip and I have enjoyed every one of them - becoming a little addicted ha! I guess it won’t be long before we have to start getting ready to go!