Red Star Special Jun 29


I’ve seen lots of posts for other Red Star trips but I was wondering if anyone else was on this one!


hi there,;D[br][br]welcome aboard khejjas.:sunglasses: well i know there is definitely 3 of us now. yourself, and another canadian called robin and me. There was one other maybe, SandyB but i don’t know what date she decided on.[br]not completely sure how all these tours work but there are other tours leaving the same day as which head the same direction initially. guessing you looking forward to it like i am.:slight_smile: 2months, won’t take long[br][br]when do you arrive in berlin?[br][br]anyway cheers for now [br][br]Dale


Hi Dale, [br][br]I sure am excited! I hardly stop talking about it haha my friends are going to get sick of me soon! I only arrive in Berlin the day before because I’m in class until the 26th blahh! Are you traveling on your own? I heard somewhere on here that it’s usually older people that take this trip, but I’m only 18! Hopefully there’s a good age range! How old are you? [br][br]Only 72 more days![br][br]Kelsy[br][br]


gday kelsy[br]ha, lol, its not if any of us are counting!!;)[br][br]yep. looks like we are going have a slight variation in age, im 35. thought about contiki but they stopped doing this trip this year so topdeck got it all to themselves. last trip i had with contiki(4yr ago) age difference was 17yrs. there was a even spread of ages over the whole bus. i’m guessing it wouldn’t vary too much, You talk to different people with trips and it varies bus by bus a lot of the time. eg. ration of girls to boys. i know where it has been like 42g,10b. had to laugh when i guy heard about these ratios, his tour had about 35b,15g. So i’m guessing the ages would also apply. Guess we will find out. You will have fun, i am sure. you wouldn’t go on these trips if you didn’t like going out late and having fun. [br][br]oh yeh, i am single. by the way. Which part of canada do you come from? got to know a few canadians via a agricultural exchange program and my neighbour is canadian. [br][br]Ha,poor girl,:wink: stuck in class!! yeh i have to sow wheat,barley and get the farm half organized before i leave on the 19th june to visit friends in denmark. Hope it rains in the next month otherwise i’m going to be way busy:)[br][br]dale


Haha yah, you can never start the countdown too early! I?m from Canada?s west coast in BC. Where about in Canada did you know people from? I?ll have my fingers crossed for rain for you! It?s definitely going to be busy before we go! Have you got your visa yet? I haven?t even sent away for it, I should probably get on it![br][br]It?ll be cool to have a good age range on the trip and guy/girl ration. I can?t wait to meet everyone! What made you decide to try topdeck after contiki? I had trouble deciding between them![br][br]Kelsy[br]


hope yeh had a good weekend.8-)[br]ahh, well 3 from alberta, 3 saskatchewans(got a feeling i spelt that wrong didn’t i) and one from ontario. my neighbour is from niagara i think. [br]on the visa, i sent it via the travel company, it probably is back but they will give me a yell when all the tickets arrive. so probably won’t see it til late may. They suggest a 2wk turnaround for the russian visa, well thats here in oz anyway. since you sound a bit like me, best do it sooner than later, something about being busy in the last month.;)[br]counting, i booked the tour back in november so it made sure i got my act together and plan for it. I chose topdeck just because they were the only ones to go up the coast of norway. Neighbour has seen norway, one of the girls we know lives there, she worked on his farm. he loved it. Contiki aren’t doing this long trip anymore, well not this year anyway. so ended up being an easy decision. i had fun on my contiki. got a feeling there isn’t any difference really. topdeck probably have a reputation of being a bit more mature but geez i could be totally wrong[br]and yeh, good mix of everything, nationalities,age etc. i won’t complain though if the ratio of g:b is 75:25;D[br][br]dale


Hey![br][br]Although I’m not on the Red Star, I’m taking the Russia & Scandi which leaves Berlin on the 13th July which means I meet up with you guys in Estonia.[br][br]I’m 22, Scottish and will be traveling alone. Really looking forward to this ;D Although it does mean touching up on my German and learning a bit of Russian! I’ve also not sorted out my visa yet, will be doing that next week since the UK consulate won’t let me apply until 3 months before.[br][br]Look forward to meeting you guys! 8-)[br][br]Duncan


Welcome Duncan! [br][br]Haha at least you have German to touch up on! I’ll be completely lost![br][br]Kelsy


Hey![br][br]I’m Robin, the other Canadian on this trip (so far, lol). I’m Nova Scotian, soon to be 24, and travelling alone. I’ll only be arriving in Berlin the day our tour starts, but hopefully staying there a day or two after the tour ends to fully explore the city! [br][br]As for Visas, they can be real mess. (Especially if you’re a Canadian living in Europe. lol) I would suggest calling the nearest consulate and checking their policies, as each of them seem to have different procedures and prices. But I think that it’s fairly simple in Canada. They accept documents in the mail, and have different prices according to how long you want them to take to process your visa. So, you have some choice! Sadly, I have to pay a fortune in train tickets to Paris, because they only accept drop-offs and pick-ups in person! [br][br]Anyways, I’m so excited for this trip that I keep looking up insurance policies, Russian consulates, travel gear online, adaptors, etc. instead of doing my work… lol


Hi Robin! Nice to have another Canadian on the trip! So are you living in Europe? That must be amazing! Haha yah, I also spend more time looking up stuff for this trip than working! But I can?t help myself, I?m just so excited! Only 68 more days![br][br]Kelsy


Hey Kelsy![br][br]Yeah, I’m working in France until the end of June, and then I’m taking the Red Star and possibly doing some more travelling in Aug (time and money permitting), just trying to see as much as possible while I’m still in Europe! What about you?[br][br]Robin


I am so jealous you’re living in France! If I could move anywere, that would be it! How long are you over there for? I’m just in school but taking this trip as a reward and a breather before things kick up again in the fall! I would love to travel more this summer but my budget is pretty pressed as it is (poor, starving student, you know how it is :stuck_out_tongue: ) Where else in Europe are you thinking of checking out?


I’m working here until the 22nd of June, then I’ll be spending almost a week in Corsica before the tour starts in Berlin. But what I’m doing after the tour is still unsure. If my sister can come over to Europe, we’ll see some of Spain and Portugal. If she can’t make it, then me and a friend might try something different like Serbia and Montenegro.[br]Will this be your first time in Europe?


No, I’ve spent time in France and have been itching to go back ever since! But I’ve never been to anywhere in Scandinavia so it should all be pretty interesting! Where else in Europe have you been?


Oh! You’ve been to France! Isn’t it beautiful? What part? For how long? I’m living in a place called Poitiers, about 1.5 hours (train) southwest of Paris. [br]Last summer I got to see quite a bit of Eastern Europe. So I’m really thrilled to find a long tour with Topdeck that didn’t stop at locations I’ve already seen. (Like Prague, just about every tour seems to stop in Prague. lol)So excited to see the Scandinavian countries!


I started in Paris and was there for just over a week and then went down to the south of france to Nice and visited Ez, Avignon, Marseilles, etc. Haha but we weren’t anywhere long enough! I want to go back!!! I’ve heard of Poitiers, I know someone that went to uni there.There’s so much more of france i want to see but for now I’m settling for checking out scandi haha


oh man, languages, what a great topic!!! i can say i know absolutely didley squat about any of them. i spent 2 weeks in denmark and i think i know about 6 words:). i may learn a few more though since i spend 9 days there before hand. i can give you a tour of copenhagen, well they have free push bikes you can ride in the city. Hows everybodies german, danish, norwegian, russian etc???[br][br]hey duncan, least yeh a fair few steps in front of me on german, not that would be hard.[br][br]see ya’s


I can only speak French so I?m more or less useless for languages on this trip :frowning: I?m just going to try and learn the basics everywhere so I can get by. I?m looking forward to a tour of denmark and riding push bikes would be awesome! Definitely want to do that![br][br]Only 54 more days!YAY!


Ahh languages, I’m not too fussed about German since English is fairly common in Germany (and if that fails, I can always try French or Spanish to get my point across!). Russian / Cyrillic just scares me though - I’d like to have a rough idea of what items are on a menu or what random signs say. I suppose guessing that’s half the fun! :stuck_out_tongue:


i really wish they taught us another language properly in Australi :([br][br]Overall, i can speak (a very very little bit of) Indonesian, French and German.[br][br]A few weeks ago i did a short course in German, but my teacher wasnt vey organised and not to my taste :frowning: so dunno how much more i learned lol[br][br]Leeana[br]Canberra, Australia[br]Spirit of Europe 16 Sept 08[br]+ London Stopover[br]+ Edinburgh Minibreak