Red Star Special: Do I HAVE to take a sleeping bag?


I am doing the Red Star Special 9/7/17 and it states a sleeping bag is “required” for my trip, but I read somewhere it will only be needed if our accommodation has to be changed and we are possibly left without bedding. Not sure if this info is correct or not. I am travelling for 5 weeks prior to this and wont need a sleeping bag until then, so it will be taking up valuable space in my bag. Has anyone not taken one and regretted it? I will be travelling with a very light blanket and a puffer jacket so I am wondering if I can get away with just those.
Any help would be appreciated.


Hi I am also on this tour. I missed the part of a sleeping bag required… I’ll have to look into it.


Hey Nicki!
Yeah it’s at the bottom of the trip notes, pretty annoying to have to cart around I would think.
Are you on this same departure?


Hi yes I am :slight_smile: I did a trip through USA (with another company) and they had the same requirement. I ended up taking a cheap KMART one and dumping it afterwards (think they were donated to the homeless). We stopped at Walmart on the way so some people bought them on trip. Have you contacted Topdeck directly (or through your travel agent) to ask them this?

I’m doing this at the end of my working visa in London. Unsure where in London I can get a cheap sleeping bag…


Thats awesome! please come join us on facebook :slight_smile:
How long have you been in London? I take it you’re an Aussie?
Yeah I got in contact with them and they said it will definitely be needed! ill just suck it up haha. Have you dealt with your Russian Visa yet? xx


I’m coming to the end of my two-year Visa. I’d highly recommend it if you get the opportunity! I’m trying to make the most of unemployment on my way home ha ha.


I posted a question about the sleeping bag requirement on another group, and apparently it is needed from Stockholm throughout Norway. One person recommended a warm sleeping bag. Apparently no time to buy them on tour, however people have bought them in Berlin prior to the tour before.

I hope that helps!


Thats awesome!
Oh ok! Ill only be taking my lightweight on which is good to 12C. Any colder Ill just wear layers :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey all,

I went on this tour 2yrs ago and I’d recommend bringing a pillow and sleeping bag. Starting in Stockholm, there are no blankets at the cabins - at least that was the situation when I took the tour. :slight_smile: It is a fantastic tour. Hope you enjoy it!!


Hi, I bought a really cheap one from mountain warehouse for about 12 quid if you are after one.
Good quality and for 12 quid I have no issues leaving it behind!
Hope this helps!