Red Star Special - anyone done it?


Hi All,[br][br]We are looking at doing the Red Star Special next year(just got the new brochure) and would love to hear from anyone who has already done it…What’s it like, tips etc[br]:sunglasses:


gday, i did the red star this year starting end of june. enjoyable trip. i wrote something down in the sleeping bag forum. [br]Also partly depends on what time of year you want to go. I think the best time to go would be the ones in june or start of july. Quick one on numbers, can vary and you meet a lot of different people. there was 9 of us that did the whole trip. had to learn 70 peoples names though :slight_smile: tours within tours involved.[br][br]where you guys from anyway? ask if you have anything in particular you may want to ask![br][br]cheers;D


thanks for that dmcozz, im also doing this tour in '09. Was planning to do it in sept, but now glad i changed it to june. [br]Can i just ask you what was the accomodation like?[br][br]thanks, rmb[br][br]-rmb85-[br]Red Star Special: June 14th, 2009 and Espresso Italia: September 13th, 2009


gday, [br]cabins pretty much throughout scandinavia. some places have bedding but no sheets. Couple backpacker places also. couple of places didn’t have pillows and some of the pillows, well wouldn’t really call them great pillows. once you get to tallin its hotels from there except the nights in warsaw(cabins again). It was about what everybody was expecting. [br]Oh yeh, the cook tent works well and is a great way to mix with everyone. We had really good food. Hope your cook is as good as the one we had.[br];D


thanks for that :)[br][br]-rmb85-[br]Red Star Special: June 14th, 2009 and Espresso Italia: September 13th, 2009


Thanks dmcozz! We were looking at going the end of July…Were there many couples? I also notice its multishare so do you have a lot of nights were there are more than 2 to a room?[br]We are from Perth,WA and did the Essential Europe last Xmas which is a hotel one, so have no idea what the euroclub trips are like but really want to see Russia and Scandanavia!Did you do the polar plunge? What was it like?:slight_smile:


I’m from Perth too! small world :slight_smile: I hope u know this now means you have to come on the June trip, purely to overload scandinavia etc with perthians :)[br][br]If it helps the Contiki I did a couple years ago had quite a few couples on it[br][br]-rmb85-[br]Red Star Special: June 14th, 2009 and Espresso Italia: September 13th, 2009


;D hi[br][br]hey luke and ali, [br]on the couples, well till tallin its pretty much 4beds in a cabin and from there on, twin share in the hotels. they try and keep the couples in rooms together and if the numbers work out ok, you may get a night to yourselves in the first half. There were 3 couples on our tour. One couple got engaged up at Nordkapp;D[br]Polar plunge, bloody cold would be a good words for it. It wasn’t as bad as when i went white water rafting in austria but that was due to length of time in water!!:slight_smile: least you get to warm up in the sauna though!!! [br]anyway hope you all have a good weekend[br]8-):slight_smile:


Thanks for your info dmcozz! We aren’t really that worried about having to be in separate cabins for some of it, all part of the experience and that way you get to mix with eveyone![br]rmb85 would love to be on the June trip but its not looking likely that we’ll be able to get away then…I know if we go in July you miss out on the Midnight sun thing…:)on the couples thing we did a Topdeck this year in Jan and there were a few couples but mostly singles which was fine, we are quite happy to hang out with everyone, part of the fun of travelling in a group!;D[br]


Hey Luke and Ali, I have booked my seat on the Red Star Special for 12 july, 09. so maybe i will see you on the bus if you decide to book, I did a trek america trip and there was one couple on the bus, they were very easy going tho, and spend loads of time as individuals with all the other people, but the rest of the group were all fine when they needed there time together… I think on these trips people are more accepting compared to everyday trival things…


hey Aliciaontheloose, just read that your on the 12th July tour, so am I. I did a topdeck tour last year and thought it was time to go again. I girl I met on tour last year is also coming, she is from Canada. were are you from? Hope to chat soon Bec;D[br][br]Bec


Hey Bec, Im from sydney Australia, will be flying to the uk in Jan to work for a bit then start my trips in May. trying to learn as much as i can about the places we are going to on the trip and stock my ipod up for some fun traveling sing-a-longs, haha which other TopDeck trip did you do? Getting excited now… its less than 2 months till i leave home, my visa just got approved… yey [br][br]Alicia


Hey Alicia, I’m from Sydney too in Petersham, where are you? I did the grand european last year. It was awesome, it was basically the parts of europe that we are not doing on our trip. I’m soooo excited but i have to wait 7mths before i go. You going by yourself?[br][br]Bec


Hey Bec, [br]Yea im From Putney, so should catch up for a beer before we fly away so when we meet up at the start of the trip we can recognise a familure face. Yea its very exciting, i got my visa back yesterday, so all i need to do now is organise the Russian visa while in the UK… Yea im going by myself. Make my friends on the way cause my mates back here just cant save up to actually get out and travel… [br]alicia


Hey Alicia. When do you leave? Are you free to catch up this saturday night?[br][br]Bec


Yea I should be free, I leave at the end of Jan.Let me know where what time etc… hav a good week[br]alicia :slight_smile:


Hey Alicia. Sorry something has come up for this saturday night but i do want to catch up before you go. We will talk soon, discussion and excitment is a must before we go!!!;D[br][br]Bec


Not a prob… see ya when i see ya, have fun… Now its time for a swim, working on my tan before i get to the UK, haha